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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


As drought conditions continue across West Texas, the next article takes a look back at firestorms in years past (1); while another takes a look at Cross Plains, a North Texas town hard hit by wildfires five years ago (2). Several counties in the Texas Panhandle have issued burn bans, including Lubbock County (3); even as a wildfire scorched over 900 acres of grasslands to the north (4). The next article provides details on Kentucky's 2010 fire season (5); followed by another on West Virginia's, which was deemed to be "average", all things considered (6). Firefighters will fight fire with fire, as they set a controlled burn in hopes of corralling a 2,600-acre wildfire burning in Brevard County, Florida (7); but firefighters battling a blaze in Martin County had homes to protect nearby after it flared up again at 1 AM (8); while Florida Division of Agriculture Law Enforcement is wrapping up the investigation of a 300-acre wildfire that began as a controlled burn in Santa Rosa County (9). Fire officials in two Florida counties reflect on how conditions right now are as bad as they were when there was a terrible wildfire in 1998 (10); meanwhile, firefighters have managed to contain a three-acre wildfire that briefly closed Highway 98 in South Walton (11); but among the things for Floridians to do if they are fortunate enough to have this week off, fire officials are recommending they conduct a risk-assessment of their property in regards to wildfires (12). It seems that US Department of Agriculture wants a peek at what Australia has published in regards to bushfires (among other things) in their CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) journals (13). Among the recommendations for allocation of millions to rehabilitate Israel's Carmel Forest, a high-tech electro-optical wildfire detection system is being considered (14); but bringing back memories of an LA County firefighter whose daughter was born three weeks after his death in the Station Fire, the wife of one of the firefighters killed in Israel's recent wildfire has just given birth to a baby daughter (15). NASA's Fire Alert System has identified over 1,000 wildfires set on the African island of Madagascar by illegal loggers (16); while a wildfire burning along the India/Pakistan border in Kashmir has caused substantial damage to both timber and wildlife (17); followed by an article that takes a closer look at Indonesia's deforestation problem - basically rampant wildfires set to clear land for cash crops (18). An update on bushfires burning in Western Australia is provided by the next item (19); one of which threaten homes in Wungong (20). And finally, for all you air-tanker enthusiasts, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Walt Darran, a veteran CAL FIRE air-tanker pilot and Safety Committee Chairman for Associated Aerial Firefighters, sent along the link to his new blog where you can sound off on wildfire issues!

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