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Saturday, January 07, 2012


As Nevada continues to experience an unusually dry winter, wildfire warnings had been issued for some areas (1); and fire officials are predicting another bad fire season in 2012 for parts of Arizona (2); while New Mexico's Gila National Forest sent out reminders about their wildland firefighting courses, set to commence in Truth or Consequences next week (3). As drought conditions worsen the wildfire danger across the state, fire officials unveiled the Texas Forest Service Command Center in the city of Merkel (4); something which may come in handy, considering the current wildfire danger (5); while a Texas Congressman took credit for getting federal aid to help that state with wildfires in 2011 (6). In Illinois, Park Forest Fire Department is asking for the public's help in determining the cause of a suspicious wildfire that burned in the Central Park Wetlands (7); but Savannah Rural Fire District in Missouri was pleased with their new off-road vehicle, which can tackle tough wildfires in rural areas (8). Firefighters in Freetown, Massachusetts, received a state grant that will help pay for hoses to deal with forest fires of the future (9); while an abandoned house fire spawned a dozen wildfires in Yonkers, New York, injuring two firefighters (10); and the New Jersey Forest Fire Service performed their annual prescribed burn program on 80 acres of the New Jersey Forest Education Resource Center (11). Virginia Department of Forestry reported a 6-acre wildfire in Amherst County (12); while US Forest Service plans to conduct controlled burns on 33 acres of North Carolina's Bent Creek Experimental Forest over the next three months (13); and in South Carolina, where 96% of wildfires are caused by humans, fire officials are looking at a very active winter fire season (14). National Park Service firefighters are attempting to contain a wildfire burning on Cumberland Island, Georgia, with a network of trenches (15); but Florida Forest Service is expecting a busy winter wildfire season due to dry conditions throughout the state (16). Even chilly Saskatchewan, Canada, is seeing wildfire activity, the first ever recorded in January (17); and an article from Ontario looks back on the summer of fire, in which thousands of members of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation were evacuated (18). Chile's government has focused blame for wildfires that killed seven people on the Mapuche Indians, a group which has long struggled to regain ownership of ancestral lands (19); while the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a call for papers for the upcoming European Geosciences Union meeting in Vienna, Austria (20). Even members of Victoria, Australia's, bushfire task force have slammed a $750 million plan by the state government to deal with the threat from power lines (21); but providential rainfall is assisting firefighters in Queensland battling bushfires that have burned 1,300 ha on Moreton Island (22). Although storms are wreaking havoc in parts of South Australia, rainfall is helping to squelch an 8,000-hectare bushfire in the north (23). And finally, straight out of science fiction, a Detroit firefighter who was injured at a fire will be using a robotic exoskeleton to help him get around!

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