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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


First up in Wildfire News Of The Day, Los Angeles County's Quality and Productivity Commission unveiled its long-awaited report on high-tech methods that could be used to prevent future conflagrations like Southern California's Station Fire (1); just as Congressman Adam Schiff testified about the Station Fire response by US Forest Service at Sen. Feinstein's hearing this morning in Washington DC (a video of the hearing can be viewed here) (2); at a time when some areas of the Angeles National Forest which had been closed since the Station Fire have only now reopened (3). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Rick Halsey, Director of the California Chaparral Institute, sent along an item about the ongoing battle between San Diego County and a Marine veteran over penalties for vegetation clearance fees (4); and San Diego Gas & Electric touted the Type I helicopter they will be using to construct utility lines, an aircraft which can also be used for firefighting (5). Firefighters in Reno, Nevada, will hold five fire trucks in reserve during wildfire season to handle blazes sparked in invasive stands of cheatgrass (6); even as an Op-Ed piece from Prescott, Arizona, examines the 'doomsday scenario' of a major wildfire devastating that region (7). A video update of the wildfire situation in New Mexico is provided by the next item (8); while fire crews battling a 3,100 acre blaze in western Colorado now have to deal with an increase in temperature (9). Firefighters in Wisconsin also reported a large blaze outside of Durand Tuesday night (10). A Michigan firefighter shares his experiences on the massive Crawford County blaze, the likes of which he'd never seen before (11); this coming at a time when that state is looking at increased fire danger (12). One year after the Horry County, South Carolina, wildfire, firefighters from North Myrtle Beach are preparing for the next blaze (13). The British Columbia Liberal Minister of Forest and Range addressed Canadian media in regards to that province's forest priorities, including the impact of beetle-killed trees on wildfires (14); as residents of Ontario province were reminded of the extreme fire danger at the moment (15); and the wildfire threat for parts of Québec have increased significantly as well (16). After the report of some small fires over the weekend, the provincial capital of the Yukon has extended its fire ban (17); a trend which looks to be repeated across Canada this weekend (18). Amid an increase in arson-caused grass fires across southern Scotland, firefighters fear they will be unable to respond to other emergencies while battling these blazes (19). The Chinese government will be providing financial compensation to each of the families impacted by the deaths of 12 villagers who were fighting wildfires in Yunnan Province (20); but a lack of water prevented firefighters in Cambodia from putting out a forest fire that destroyed 200 acres of mangroves in Kandieng District (21). Multiple agencies came together in Brunei to develop a Strategic National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction after numerous forest fires and other natural disasters severely taxed that Asian nation's emergency response capabilities (22). Heading Down Under, the Victorian Premier, confident that leaks of the Royal Bushfire Commission's pending report were not done by any government officials, has ruled out an official inquiry (23); but the state government pleaded with the Commission to retain the controversial 'stay or go' policy (24). The impact of bushfires on Queensland's native seed supply is examined by the next article (25). Perilous conditions in New South Wales' Blue Mountains have prompted calls for more vegetation clearance (26); however, an official inquiry into a bushfire that did millions of dollars worth of damage in that state last December looks unlikely (27). And finally, two crews of Hot Shots proved that they were pretty hot shots at a fundraiser for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation!

(1) Commission Recommends New High-Tech Methods to Fight Forest Fires

(2) Schiff to testify about Station Fire response

(3) Portions Of Station Fire Burn Area To Reopen

(4) ACLU Opposes County Seizure Of Veteran's Land Over Bungled Weed Abatement Action

(5) SDG&E To Bring 2500 Gallon Firefighting Helicopter To San Diego Region

(6) Reno-Area Official Predicts Hot Wildfire Season

(7) Editorial: Conditions ripe for big wildfire

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(9) Crews On W. Colorado Fire Facing Warmer Weather

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(23) Brumby rules out inquiry into leaks

(24) State Government urges Bushfires Royal Commission not to recommend abandoning controversial 'stay or go' policy

(25) Bushfires hitting native seed supply

(26) Not enough Mountains hazard reduction: Opposition

(27) Coroner says no to Gerogery bushfire inquiry

(28) Local wildland firefighters clay-shoot fundraiser

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