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Thursday, April 21, 2011


A ceremony to recognize fire mitigation efforts in Southern California by multiple agencies was held in Crestline yesterday (1); while homeowners wait pensively as the governor weighs his options on raising fees for forest owners in Oregon Department of Forestry’s John Day Unit (2); even as authorities announced that the La Grande Air Tanker Base would be closed for repairs all year, providing one less location at which to stage air tankers (3); although firefighters said that this should be a mild wildfire year for Oregon as they dispatched BLM firefighters to assist in Texas (4). An Arizona volunteer firefighter was injured fighting a 600-acre wildfire in the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area (5); and the man accused of inadvertently starting a Colorado wildfire that went on to scorch 5 mi.² outside of Fort Collins has turned himself in (6); while Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado reported that military aircraft had flown five dozen strikes against wildfires in Texas and Mexico (7). Today's wildfire report from the Texas Forest Service paints a grim picture of a state ablaze (8); a Los Angeles Times article examining the magnitude of the wildfire disaster overtaking that state (9); followed by a Christian Science Monitor article which lays out the situation from the standpoint of fire officials (10); and the Insurance Journal provides a tally of the damage done by wildfires in Texas so far this year in the next article (11); with firefighters from Goodfellow Air Force Base assisting state and federal fire crews battling blazes (12); even as they take a toll on firefighters, one being laid to rest as another died of his injuries (13); but at least they have the Wildcat Fire 75% contained after it burned 159,000 acres (14); the possibility of increased precipitation holding some promise for weary firefighters across that state (15). As firefighters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, kept a wary eye on a wildfire lest it rekindle, homeowners' reactions are decidedly mixed (16). $1.5 million in federal stimulus money has helped make Creston Valley, British Columbia, safer from wildfires in the coming season (17); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Wayne Coulson, CEO of Coulson Flying Tankers, sent along an article about the assistance of his Martin Mars and S-76 Firewatch helicopter that will be rendered to the Mexican government with the massive wildfire burning in Coahuila state (18). A 1,400 ha forest fire was reported in Cuba's conifer reserve on the San Felipe Plateau (19); while firefighters battled a wildfire outside of Penderyn, Wales, both on the ground and from the air (20); and a forest fire was reported in the western-most Austrian state of Vorarlberg yesterday (21). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along an announcement about an upcoming wildfire conference in Sun City, South Africa, May 9-13 (22). A new emergency weather station, the WeatherHawk 520, is intended to help firefighters in Australia during bushfire season (23). And finally, Florida firefighters had to perform a tricky extrication when a dog got her head stuck in a cooler!

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(24) Dog Stuck in Cooler Rescued by Fla. Firefighters

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