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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Leading off wildfire news today is the story heard round the world: the bushfire conflagration that has claimed dozens of lives and wiped out entire towns in Australia, beginning with two stories in which fire victims recall their experiences, followed by several more articles that need no introduction, as the headlines speak for themselves, and a final chilling warning that this trend may be repeated if something is not done about climate change. In the US, there was a fair amount of news as well, beginning with a story about preventative measures being taken in Arizona, as New Mexico also braces for wildfires. Firefighters in Missouri have had to handle a passel of wildfires, and a family in North Carolina recounts their tale of an accidental fire. Meanwhile, firefighters in Texas and Florida have also been busy with wildfires. And finally, keep that Breathing Apparatus handy in case you run into a situation like firefighters in Illinois did.

Bushfire tragedy: In their own words

Eyewitness says Victorian bushfires like 'a holocaust'

Death toll in Australian fires rises to 25

Sydney shrouded in bushfire smoke

NSW bushfires out of control

It's all smoke and ire as authorities blast NSW arsonists

Nearly 60 bushfires burning across NSW

Bushfires disrupt Victoria's train network

Urgent warnings to towns as fires blaze out of control

Brumby applauds heroic firefighters

Prime Minister outlines bushfire assistance

Bushfire death toll shocking: Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull

SA crews on stand-by to assist Vic firefighters

Tasmania ready to help Vic bushfire victims

Extreme bushfires will be more frequent

More burns take place on forest lands

Wildfire danger high across New Mexico

Eight wildfires burned in Boone County on Friday

Wildfire a cautionary tale in area's dry conditions

Firefighters Work All Day And Night To Put Out Large Grass Fire

Firefighters battle brush fire in east Hernando

Long Grove firefighters exposed to tear gas

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