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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, the wildfire near Pala, in San Diego County, California, was apparently human-caused, though it's unclear as to whether it was accidentally started; while the age-old battle between loggers and environmentalists is being played out again in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe, California. New Mexico's Gila National Forest is lifting fire restrictions following a rain storm that lowered the drought index for the area; but the double-edged sword of rainfall's effect on fuels like grass is explored in an article from Denver, Colorado. A small wildfire in Virginia got an overwhelming response from local firefighters. Trouble in paradise, as a small wildfire burned about 10 acres on northern Oahu, Hawaii; and about 500 acres of wildland has been burned by a wildfire near McGrath, Alaska. A pair of wildfires cropped up near to residential areas in the Yukon, Canada, provincial capital; while several wind-driven wildfires burned in Russian territory. A grass fire with a 6-mile-wide flame front burned across the border from Mongolia to China; even as Chinese fire agencies are reporting a 33% increase in wildfire activity compared with previous years. The debate over firefighter liability in regards to wildfires in Australia in 2003 continues; and an incident commander took the stand amid continuing testimony; followed by a story in which Country Fire Authority's operations are scrutinized. On the positive side, however, government funding for the arts is helping rejuvenate one Victoria community, as told by the next two articles; and one of Victoria's bushfire-ravaged regions is making a comeback. And finally, a policeman credited with saving many lives during the Black Saturday bushfires is in hot water over a letter submitted to the Royal Bushfire Commission.

PALA: Investigators say large brush fire caused by human activity

Environmentalists fear for Tahoe amid logging in burned Angora area

NM's Gila forest lifts fire restrictions

Rain On Front Range Can Be A Blessing And A Curse

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Wildfire Scorches Oahu's North Shore

Wildfire burning near McGrath

2 wildfires sparked close to Whitehorse residential areas

Forest fires in the Zabaikalye Territory: measures directed against the fire and people's negligence

China halts 10 km-wide grassland fire after it crosses border from Mongolia

China on high alert of forest fire

Man sues Rural Fire Service over ACT firestorm

Kilmore fire leader takes stand at Royal Commission

Black Saturday bushfire inquiry hears of CFA chaos

Arts in bushfire recovery effort

Bushfire stories sought for new website

Yarra Valley rising again after bushfires

Bushfire hero faces police discipline

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