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Friday, March 13, 2009


Able to consume up to 1/4 acre of vegetation per day, goats are helping reduce the fire hazard in Arizona; and next week Wildfire Prevention Week begins in Pennsylvania. Firefighters in North Carolina have begun mopping up a 300-acre blaze; while fires in Florida have claimed 3,500 acres and are only 15% contained. Two stories out of Kansas today: researchers at the University of Kansas have made some interesting discoveries about firefighters' vascular systems, something that may help explain the higher-than-average chance of firefighters having fatal heart attacks; and yes, wildfires even happen in Kansas, as the next item shows. Two stories from India: the first laments the damage to the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve from forest fires this year (3,000 acres burned so far); the second discusses political grandstanding that may be partly to blame for a tussle over a forest fire that threatened some lions. A New Zealand company is donating thousands of dollars of skin cream to treat animals burned in the bushfires; but it's going to take more than skin cream to pay the $1.2 billion bill amassed against insurers (with 90% of the claims tabulated so far). Hereagain, two contrasting stories on human nature: the Australian Football League teams put their rivalries aside to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for bushfire relief; while a woman is in court to face charges for stealing bushfire relief money to feed her children and her drug habit. Lawsuits against an Australian power company have started hitting the courts; and, feeling the pinch from the lack of tourist dollars, Australian officials are encouraging tourists to visit national parks and other areas within the bushfire zones. Oversight for the bushfire commission in Victoria has been appointed to keep everyone happy (think it will work?)

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