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Saturday, September 05, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, Rick Halsey of the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum submitted two items: he talks about the inevitability of wildfire in Southern California vegetation, and the danger of invasive weeds making the fire danger worse if large fire breaks carve up the chaparral and manzanita covering the hills; followed by an Op-Ed piece that discusses the natural cycle of wildfire amid chaparral and other Southern California vegetation. For fire aviation enthusiasts, the video associated with this next article, which gives you a copilot's-eye-view of what it's like to bomb a fire in a CL-415 and an Erickson Air-Crane, with comments by LA County Fire Department Air Ops Chief Tony Marrone, is a hoot-and-a-half! Firefighters indicate that they now have the western flank of the Station Fire under control; but an unexpected hazard developed among firefighters battling that fire: cyanide gas! Governor Schwarzenegger is now offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the Station Fire arsonist; even as the investigation gets underway. The next article takes a comprehensive look at the history of wildfires threatening the hillside community of La Canada. If the 2003 wildfires are any measure, a number of people who were evacuated and lost property in this latest set of blazes is in for a rough road ahead psychologically; and such will probably be the case for a resident whose beautiful hillside home is now a smoking ruin. The Christian science Monitor follows the exploits of a firefighter from Chico, California, fighting the Station Fire; and a climatologist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory reflects on the toll of a wildfire near his Sierra Madre home and Pasadena workplace. The parallels between firefighting and the healthcare debate, insofar as government control of both, is examined in an LA Times article. Although the lion's share of the $43.5 million fire suppression bill for the Station Fire will go to FEMA, the state of California and local communities will have to shoulder some of the burden at a time when money is perilously short. A representative of the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County provides important tips on how to protect homes in that county from wildfires; while a 10 acre wildfire in eastern San Diego County was quickly contained by firefighters. The tricky balancing act of mutual aid in regards to San Diego is examined in light of the experience gained in the Cedar Fire of 2003; followed by a report on the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara that touches on the topic of official culpability in starting the blaze while clearing vegetation. Although Tioga Road will remain closed through Labor Day weekend, the wildfire in Yosemite National Park is nearing containment; and firefighters from Central California joined the fight on the Station Fire this week. A fast-moving wildfire in a San Jose Park gave firefighters a run for their money; while a 250-acre wildfire southeast of Sacramento has been contained. An update on fires burning in Oregon is up next; and firefighters are getting a handle on a 50 acre blaze burning on Washington's Mount Adams. An update on the Water Wheel Fire, burning in Arizona, is accompanied by information on the cost of firefighting in the US. County officials in Utah have decided to create a $50,000 fire break to protect an endangered community from wildfires. Firefighters in the air and on the ground continued to battle Montana wildfires, as the next two articles show. Mother Nature finally came to the aid of Canadian firefighters battling large blazes in British Columbia's interior. Heading Down Under, Victoria's Emergency Services Commissioner expressed anger that the government has not fully implemented recommendations (from either the 2003 or 2009 bushfire investigations) to prevent another Black Saturday disaster. Despite a traumatic experience escaping the Black Saturday bushfires, Tasmanian devils evacuated to Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary have proved remarkably resilient (not to mention prolific!) Queensland firefighters are concerned that faulty communications could produce a disastrous bushfire, similar to those seen in Victoria, in the upcoming fire season; while firefighters in Western Australia are concerned about their fire truck brake lines failing in extreme heat. And finally, firefighters in New York City protested over having a hose down a pachyderm on city orders!

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