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Monday, August 17, 2009


The La Brea fire, which has already charred over a hundred square miles, was apparently started by a cooking fire set by Mexican nationals working a pot farm, as our first wildfire article tells; followed by a summary of the California wildfires as of Monday morning. Difficult terrain is complicating the fight against wildfires in California; but residents of at least one Central California community are being allowed to go home. A wildfire in Oregon has finally been contained, but not until after it burned over 8,000 acres; while the next story details a day in the life of a U.S. Forest Service fire spotter in Washington state. A small wildfire burning near Flagstaff, Arizona, was still active as of yesterday; and after spending nearly $2 million, a wildfire in Colorado that has burned 7000 acres is 90% contained. Air-tanker crews at a Montana air attack base are keeping busy despite the slow fire season in that state; but the wildfire at Camp Bullis in Texas withered under an aerial assault by Texas Forest Service over the weekend; however, the numbers from Texas are staggering: 13,083 wildfires so far this year, burning 660,000 acres, destroying 545 structures, surpassed only by the devastating wildfires of 2006! British Columbia's rampant wildfires, devastating to the forestry industry, may prove a boon to orchard growers; even as temperatures head into the mid-80s in Nova Scotia, Canada, where four firefighting helicopters are on alert. The South American nation of Colombia has reported over 12,000 acres of forest destroyed by wildfires; and a trio of wildfires is causing problems for Greek firefighters. Wildfires set by farmers clearing land in Borneo threatened to overrun an orangutan preserve harboring 8,000 individuals, as well as many other species; and even hydroelectric projects are contributing to the wildfire problems in Borneo, as the next article shows. A summary of the recommendations made by Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission is up next, and David Cant, Aviation Services Manager for South Australia, provided the following link for those interested in reading the report. Among the findings and reactions to the report: the bushfire commission faulted emergency services leadership for failing to provide adequate warnings to homeowners as the Black Saturday bushfires unfolded; a review of roadblocks in bushfire areas was urged by the Royal Bushfire Commission; survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires comment on the recommendations of the Royal Bushfire Commission; and it's also been recommended that bushfires be rated in a manner similar to the rating system for hurricanes and tornadoes. The Australian government was pleased that the bushfire report has been issued, and intends to press ahead with a national warning system; but a Country Fire Authority captain comments on the limitations of bushfire warning sirens. The court case of an Australian man facing numerous Black Saturday arson charges is getting underway. The Australian government will waive restrictions on $51 million of bushfire relief funds in order to help out farmers; and children orphaned by the Black Saturday bushfires will have fewer restrictions on the funds with which they are provided as well. Politicians in South Australia support the idea of computer modeling a bushfire of the ferocity of the Black Saturday bushfires in their state in order to shock residents out of their complacency about the same thing happening there as happened in Victoria. And finally, leave it to the Germans to come up with a Formula One fire truck!

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