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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A 40-acre wildfire near Ventura County, California's, Sespe Condor Sanctuary appears to be contained (1); but firefighters continued to battle a 1,900-acre wildfire in rugged terrain in Mariposa County (2); where a cameraman received a dousing from a firefighting helicopter (3); while firefighters managed to contain a 230-acre wildfire in Colusa County (4). Oregon Garden in Silverton will unveil a Firewise home specially designed with wildfires in mind on Thursday (5). A wind-driven wildfire spread across 5,000 acres outside of Prescott, Arizona (6); a USA Today video segment showing footage from the fireline (7); the one which follows showing the DC-10 execute a perfect retardant drop ahead of the fire (8). An update on wildfires in New Mexico is provided by the next article (9). The latest update on Colorado's Black Forest Fire shows that it is 85% contained after burning 14,280 acres and destroying 509 homes (10); an article from Fort Carson showing a Bambi bucket drop being performed by 4th Infantry Division's 4th Combat Aviation Brigade (11); authorities finally releasing the names of the couple killed in that blaze (12); but some areas have been re-opened to evacuees (13); and inmates evacuated from a prison threatened by the Royal Gorge wildfire have returned (14); the next article revisiting the debate over establishing a Colorado Aerial Firefighting Corps (15); the new Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District Chief getting his own baptism of fire after less than 30 days on the job (16); while the next article looks at how lessons learned on last year's Waldo Canyon Fire were applied to this year's Black Forest Fire (17); and resources and shelters for evacuees are identified in the next article (18); while over 10 Colorado broadcasters joined forces to host a fundraising event tomorrow for wildfire survivors (19); but contrary to popular opinion, wildfires alone are not driving up insurance rates in the state (20). As Montana's fire season creeps closer, Crow Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs announced double the number of rookie firefighters showing up to train for wildland fires (21); Alaska Division of Forestry's aerial firefighting fleet being profiled in the next article (22). All four of Manitoba, Canada's, CL-415 air-tankers are battling a lightning-sparked wildfire that forced the evacuation of 500 residents from Ilford and War Lake First Nations (23); Manitoba's Premier stating that the fire season ahead in that province is unpredictable (24); but an Ottawa, Ontario, firm has sold its fixed wing unmanned aerial system to a Chilean company that will use the technology to fight forest fires (25). In Europe, new wildfires were reported outside of Carbonia, Cerignola, and Guspini, Italy, as well as near Kahramanmaras, Turkey (26). Malaysia's Fire and Rescue Department highlighted 14 areas in Malaysia that were most vulnerable to wildfires (27); but after three months of ineffective firefighting, officials in Riau, Indonesia, appealed to the central government to help stamp out wildfires whose smoke continues to shroud the region (28). As Australians struggle to recover from the 53,000-hectare bushfire that blazed through Coonabarabran, New South Wales, students at Warrumbungle's Kinross Wolaroi School raised thousands of dollars to help (29); while the South Australia Parliament's Community Safety and Emergency Services Select Committee will be investigating perceived mismanagement of the Cherryville bushfire (30). Six months after a Dunalley, Tasmania, family narrowly escaped a bushfire, reporters returned to check on their progress (31). And finally, amid the death and destruction wrought by Colorado's wildfires one hopeful sign appeared in Royal Gorge Park: the birth of a white buffalo!

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(32) Rare white buffalo born after Colorado wildfire in Royal Gorge

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