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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A wind-driven wildfire is burning near Moorpark as the Santa Ana winds begin what's projected to be a two day siege of Southern California, our first wildfire story today; and although firefighters feel they have the Station Fire nearly contained, they're still watching the impending Santa Ana winds nervously. A photograph from orbit shows the extent of the damage to the Angeles National Forest from the Station and Morris Fires; while State Sen. Christine Kehoe will convene a meeting to discuss wildfire preparedness in San Diego County tomorrow. A wildfire warning has been issued for Monterey County; and meanwhile, environmentalists are scrambling to react to a push by Republicans in the legislature to increase logging in order to reduce the fire danger. Despite impending Red Flag conditions, firefighters stated that the Silver Fire, burning in central California, is nearly contained; but CAL FIRE had a fast-moving blaze in Northern California to deal with yesterday. Fire activity in Oregon's Central Cascades region is increasing with the onset of hot, dry weather; the governor invoked the Emergency Conflagration Act to free up more resources to help fight wildfires in those areas; even as a wildfire in Ashland was held to 100 acres. Wyoming officials are asking hikers and campers frequenting Bridger-Teton National Forest to be careful with their fires following a quintet of blazes in the past week; while the Kootenai Fire, burning in Montana, has expanded to over 4,500 acres. The effectiveness of using dogs in West Virginia to sniff out a wildland arsonist provides a valuable new tool for arson investigators. A Georgia State University professor has received a $1 million grant to develop software useful for helping fire managers better predict wildfire activity. Another lightning-sparked wildfire has broken out near a British Colombia, Canada, community that has been bombarded with lightning strikes since April; and a city park in New Brunswick has been the site of a number of arsons recently. The difficulties of the sick attempting to escape the Black Saturday bushfires is chronicled in the next item from Australia; while the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council will be explaining the new bushfire warning system at their annual conference in Queensland. And finally, talk about a sticky situation, half a dozen emergency vehicles became trapped in mud while trying to fight a pair of wildfires in Texas over the weekend!

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