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Friday, August 14, 2009


In our first wildfire story today, firefighters in Southern California had to battle a small brushfire in the southern part of Orange County; while a small vegetation fire was spotted near Highway 101 in Central California. The next article provides a satellite's-eye view of California wildfires; even as wildfires in Santa Cruz have forced the evacuation of over 2,000 people. The differing opinions of residents of the Santa Cruz Mountains faced with evacuation because of a wildfire are examined in the next article; followed by the story of a couple who remained to defend their home from the Lockheed fire. The La Brea Fire, burning in the Los Padres National Forest, threatens over 200 homes in the area. A pair of communities in Central California were battling blazes yesterday; followed by an update on Central California wildfires. The Summit Fire, in Mendocino National Forest, had passed the 350-acre mark as of Thursday night; but a USA Today article provides a hopeful weather forecast for firefighters battling wildfires in Central California. As the Chalk Fire near 7,000 acres burned, firefighters still only had it partially contained; while a 60-year-old Northern California resident has been arrested on suspicion of starting a 1,200 acre wildfire. Aerial firefighters mounted a ferocious attack on a Northern California wildfire, vowing to 'paint the hillside red'; and Vertical Magazine has published an interesting article about the role of private aerial firefighting firms in wildfires. Iowa National Guard troops are practicing helicopter firefighting operations with bambi buckets. Alabama is loaning some firefighters to Texas, which is still in the throes of heat and drought, which have sparked more wildfires. As wildfires in British Columbia began to subside, finger-pointing over the clearing of beetle-killed trees is beginning. Greenpeace weighs in on the issue of climate change affecting wildfire severity in Europe. As smoke continues to choke portions of Malaysia, over 6000 acres have burned. The blame game is in full swing in Victoria, Australia, as environmentalists, who have been characterized as responsible for bushfires in February due to blocking vegetation clearance, are now pointing the finger at forest industry representatives. Australian architecture students in Victoria are being challenged to come up with bushfire-resistant designs for structures. A pyro's dream, the latest Razor scooter emits sparks, causing New South Wales fire authorities to recommend a ban on sales of the scooter. Even though summer is still a long ways off for Queensland, firefighters are already monitoring a bushfire burning in that state. An Australian couple accused of a scam in which they would sell donated cars for profit instead of donating them to bushfire survivors have made their first court appearance.

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New fire burning near Highway 101 and Palmer Road

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UPDATED: Coffin Fire 50 percent contained this morning

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