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Thursday, April 16, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, an environmental group has raised an alarm over possible roadbuilding in forested areas in a Christian Science Monitor article; followed by one for those interested in the actual costs of a wildfire. A small wildfire kept firefighters busy in Arizona; and residents of Eastern Washington state are being warned that an abundance of moisture this winter could lead to an abundance of fuel during fire season. A trio of articles from Oklahoma today: with some homes valued at over half-a-million dollars, the tally of damage from the wildfires has topped $10 million in that state; fire agencies feel certain they know the causes of the wildfires there, but are keeping a lid on the info until evidence is gathered; but not all the crooks are arsonists, as the third article in the set shows. Brush being burned near a home caught the home on fire in Michigan; and another wildfire in that state also kept firefighters busy. In a bit of a turnabout, firefighters in Minnesota were attempting to keep a house fire from setting the forest on fire! Three separate wildfires in Wisconsin are stretching firefighting resources to the breaking point; and caused injuries to one firefighter involved in the battles. Like their Native American counterparts in the US, Indian crews are being mobilized in Canada for the coming fire season. With over 15,000 hectares burned already this fire season, several dozen new fires have broken out in Russia's far eastern regions. Poorly equipped firefighters in India nevertheless did what they could to fight a forest fire there. The Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, has successfully bred platypus in captivity, a small ray of hope in the midst of all the destruction wrought by the Black Saturday bushfires. A small bushfire broke out in a suburb of Perth, West Australia; followed by a couple of arson stories from down under: law enforcement folks want to interview bushfire survivors to see if they can catch an arsonist in Victoria; while law enforcement authorities suspect a volunteer firefighter from Country Fire Authority may be an arsonist. And finally, firefighters back from fighting Florida's wildfires had time to lend a hand to Habitat For Humanity.

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