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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Wildfire News Of The Day begins with a story from Orange County, California, where firefighters are performing controlled burns in the Trabuco Canyon area; followed by a Los Angeles Times retrospective on the effect of wildfire on Chino Hills State Park, in Southern California. AIG Insurance has reached a deal with California to provide additional money to homeowners whose mobile homes burned in wildfires last year; while an Op-Ed piece from the Sacramento Bee discusses California's problems with keeping housing developments out of fire traps. US Forest Service got their reforestation operation underway in areas around Lake Tahoe burned by the Angora Fire; but fire season is already underway in Arizona, where an 800-900 acre wildfire is burning south of Tucson, Arizona. Firefighters in Idaho are gearing up for a new wildfire season in that state. Oklahoma City had another small grass fire break out weeks after more devastating wildfires swept through the area; and Oklahoma's governor has requested assistance from the federal government following those wildfires. Having suffered hundreds-of-thousands of acres burned, Texas Forest Service is warning residents around Abilene to watch for fires. You may tell people that your job is a grind, but you've got nothing on this guy as he goes about reducing the fire danger in the Ozarks! Forestry officials are looking at the potential of having harvested timber pay for the wildfire pre-treatment needed in a part of Montana; and a seminar will be conducted in a Michigan community tomorrow that deals with proper landscaping to protect your home from wildfires. The virtues of the Firewise program are offered to residents of Minnesota; while Connecticut is experiencing the same dry conditions as the rest of New England, prompting fire officials to issue wildfire warnings. In a potentially explosive situation, a wildfire threatened an Alabama refinery yesterday; and an out-of-control wildfire prompted officials to evacuate homes in South Carolina. In the wake of so many property foreclosures reducing the intake for funding firefighting, the Florida Legislature has decided to reduce property taxes and increase the sales tax to compensate. A wildfire in Florida's Orange County required homeowner evacuations; and in a state that is prone to million-acre wildfires, residents of Anchorage, Alaska, are being reminded of wildfire restrictions as the snows melt and the weather warms up. Wildfires around an Alberta, Canada, community kept firefighters on their toes; while New Brunswick has officially kicked off their wildfire season. Thousands of acres of forest have burned in Nicaragua during several wildfires in that Central American country. Concerns by Australia's opposition party in regards to censoring of witnesses during bushfire testimony has been raised. Australia's Western Power utility company promised to redouble inspections of power lines, but admitted that there's no way to eliminate bushfires caused by power lines. In one of those instances where you wonder what someone was thinking, a man who lit bushfires outside of Perth left his cell phone at the crime scene, then boasted about setting the fires to a friend. Racing against time, firefighters in South Australia contained a bushfire ahead of a dangerous change in the weather. The Australian government is compensating people financially who were injured in the Black Saturday bushfires; and here's a nice problem to have: the Australian Red Cross has been getting so many donations that they haven't had time to deposit all the checks yet! And finally, make sure that victim really is dead, otherwise you may face a fate similar to some Las Vegas, Nevada, firefighters!

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