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Saturday, July 18, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, Lee Lachelt of the Alabama Forest Owners Association forwarded a radio program they did on prescribed burns that might be of interest to readers. A small wildfire broke out near Ramona in San Diego County just before noon today; and not only do Amtrak trains cause the occasional wildfire, but so do their busses! An S-61 heli-tanker crashed in Northern California while attempting to reload its water tank from a basin; while one of a pair of air-tankers employed by the Oregon Department of Forestry will be deployed to Medford. A 100-acre wildfire was burning along the Washington-Canadian border. Reno-Stead airbase is a busy place right now, with a dozen air tankers operating out of it and a smokejumper team awaiting deployment by air. Fire agencies are allowing several wildfires to burn through dense vegetation in Arizona, as the next article shows; followed by an update on wildfires in Colorado. A South Dakota firefighter and inventor arrived in Texas this week to demonstrate his new gel dispensing system from a truck. Firefighters in Mississippi had to battle a wildfire that was nearing a church. A wildfire has forced Canadian authorities to evacuate 3,000 homes in a British Columbia community; and the Canadian province of Ontario has seen double the usual number of forest fires this year due to more lightning activity. With over 100,000 acres burned so far this year, Yukon is issuing warnings to all campers visiting that Canadian province to mind their campfires. An after-action report on the wildfires that burned in Spain earlier this week is up next; but another wildfire in that country has forced 700 people to flee. With the prospect of an El Nino in the Pacific translating into worse wildfires for Indonesia, activists are clamoring for action. Another Australian paper published an Op-Ed bashing Victoria's Country Fire Authority; but a study from a Sydney university provides counterintuitive evidence that log houses can resist bushfires quite well. And finally, firefighters in Georgia not only had a housefire to extinguish before the fire spread to vegetation, but also had to contend with ammunition exploding and angry bees!

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