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Friday, August 03, 2012


The obituary of a helicopter water-drop tank designer shows how his efforts benefited Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighting helicopters and, ultimately, many homeowners in Southern California (1); while quick work by firefighters in Los Gatos prevented a wildfire from spreading to a nearby apartment complex (2); wildfire activity in Northern California being the focus of the next article (3); and a 2,700-acre wildfire in Lassen and Plumas Counties blanketed nearby Butte County in smoke (4); recent high temperatures prompting US Forest Service to impose fire restrictions on the Stanislaus National Forest (5); while a fire chief from Tuolumne County expounded on tactical decision points in regards to wildfire management (6). An Op-Ed piece by the President of the Southern Oregon Timber Industries Association discusses the ramifications of "protecting" forested areas in regards to wildfires (7); but the following article disputes findings of one study that touts heavy thinning as being beneficial for endangered spotted owls (8). A 10,000-acre wildfire in central Washington state is now 50% contained (9); where the Department of Natural Resources will be providing some wildfire preparedness information to residents of Ferry County at a public meeting on August 13th (10). A five-acre wildfire has been contained in Moffat County, Colorado (11); and a number of wildfires have been reported in southern Colorado (12); while a $10,000 donation was made to the Red Cross to help with wildfire relief efforts (13). A 9,626-acre wildfire near Stanley, Idaho, is threatening some historic Forest Service buildings (14); and more large wildfires may be on the horizon (15). Utah's 43,610-acre Dallas Canyon Wildfire is now at 95% containment, but unfavorable weather conditions may spawn more wildfires in that state (16). A volunteer firefighter admitted to starting numerous wildfires in Muskogee County, Oklahoma (17); while another wildfire has broken out in Earlsboro (18); a 2,000-acre wildfire that has destroyed two homes near Geary reaching 50% containment (19). Improving weather conditions have allowed officials to ease fire restrictions on Wyoming's Medicine Bow National Forest (20); rainfall helping firefighters' efforts on the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations as well (21). Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation reported on the wildfire situation in that state (22); where cooler weather may be giving way to less favorable conditions this weekend (23). Lightning apparently sparked numerous wildfires near Nebraska's Lake McConaughy (24); while Arkansas Forestry Commission air-tankers were called in to battle a wildfire at the base of Hot Springs Mountain Tower (25). The danger of unattended fires left behind by campers in Upstate New York is examined by the next article (26). As firefighters in British Columbia wrapped up a wildfire in Wilson's Landing, fire officials remarked on the 670 blazes reported in that Canadian province since April 1st (27); and Russia's Emergencies Ministry provides an update on wildfires in Siberia in the next item (28). An aerial firefighting display at a rural firefighters conference in Hawera, New Zealand, demonstrated how telecommunications can provide accurate GPS and fire information (29). Due to a more serious bushfire outlook in, New South Wales, Australia, Neighbourhood Safer Places are being suggested in Brewarrina (30); while Western Australia will be replacing their statewide emergency warning system with the National Emergency Alert System (31). And finally, for the firefighter who has everything, consider giving him or her a PHASER!

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