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Friday, August 21, 2009


First up today, an article from CBS Los Angeles about LA County Fire Department Air Ops; while the next article gives us an inside, in-depth look at the super-heavyweights of aerial firefighting. As 11 major wildfires burned across the state of California, health officials discuss their concern for people with breathing disorders in the face of so much smoke in the air; followed by an Op-Ed from Oregon that discusses recent wildfires compared to wildfires of the past. Firefighters battling a quartet of wildfires burning in Central Washington may be able to get federal funding to help pay suppression costs. An AT-802 air-tanker crashed in Nevada while fighting wildfires, the pilot dying later in the hospital; followed by a story that fills in the details about the wildfire he was fighting. A wildfire trial in Colorado, in which a rancher is accused of starting a fire by burning debris, is winding down; but Utah forestry officials are attempting to soothe jangled nerves of local residents over a controlled burn started by a lightning strike several weeks ago. Texas AgriLife Extension Service provides useful tips to livestock and horse owners faced with wildfire evacuations. British Columbia firefighters are experiencing some déjà vu as temperatures continue to rise and wildfires spark up again; with an electrical storm that ignited about 100 wildfires sweeping through the region yesterday; and a wildfire burning near Prince George that is being attended by both firefighters on the ground and air-tankers. Prince Edward Island, on Canada's Atlantic coast, is bracing for wildfires. A Spanish national has been arrested for accidentally sparking a wildfire that eventually burned over 100 acres. Indonesia has refused offers of firefighters from other countries in the area, but is apparently open to assistance in the form of more water-bombing aircraft. The Australian Royal Bushfire Commission report on the Black Saturday bushfires has been a big hit on the Internet, with 30,000 visitors from 65 countries having downloaded a copy of the report. The 'stay or go' philosophy has been taken one step further in Victoria, now becoming a question of 'rebuild or leave' in regards to rebuilding in bushfire-threatened areas; followed by another example of the maxim that 'no good deed goes unpunished': a man trying to help his neighbors by clearing away dangerous vegetation has been ordered by government officials to replant the area! The Bendigo Bushfire Group has reviewed the Royal Bushfire Commission's Recommendations and agrees with their conclusions. A wind-driven bushfire burning in a remote area of New South Wales is threatening to break through containment lines; while Queensland fire authorities are bracing for a heat wave over the next few days. And finally, in a comedy of errors, a farmer in the UK, who had called the local fire brigade simply to get some belts to pull his bull out of some mire, ended up doing the job himself (despite the best efforts of a USAR crew!)

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