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Saturday, July 23, 2011


In Southern California, a small plane crash sparked a small wildfire in Riverside County's Cleveland National Forest this morning (1); but Habitat for Humanity is in hot water over $730,000 in wildfire donations intended for residents of San Diego County (2); where a five-acre wildfire was burning along the US-Mexican border (3). As firefighters contained a five-acre wildfire in Sequoia National Park, the 5,390-acre Lion Fire continued to burn (4); while another 50-acre blaze brewed up this afternoon near Lake Isabella (5); while the next article takes a closer look at California's $150 fire fee which is being levied against properties in wildfire-prone areas and is expected to garner upwards of $200 million per year, which equates to 20% of CAL FIRE's budget (6). As Oregon Department of Forestry celebrates its 100th birthday, the next item looks back over it's first century of existence (7); and Bureau of Land Management officials cautioned residents of Nevada's Winnemucca District about the increased fire danger (8). A Rapid Assessment Team is looking over areas burned by Arizona's Wallow Fire with an eye towards forest restoration (9). Lightning strikes are being blamed for wildfire activity southwest of Carlsbad, New Mexico (10); and with 79,000 acres burned, Santa Fe National Forest has been hard hit by the Las Conchas Fire that has scorched 156,000 acres and is now 85% contained (11). The next article takes a closer look at who pays for wildfire suppression in Idaho (12); followed by one that shows what homeowners can do to prepare for blazes of the future (13). A new wildfire was reported in Lake Mountain, Utah (14); and a 180-acre wildfire burning in southern Utah was apparently started by fireworks (15); but as Pioneer Day weekend arrives, firefighters are bracing for more fireworks-sparked wildfires (16). A wildfire was reported in Williamson County, Texas (17); where, with 86% of Texas' fire departments manned by volunteers, the next article takes a closer look at the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund, which pays for some of their firefighting costs (18). The Whoopup Fire, which has burned 9,891 acres along the Wyoming-South Dakota border, is now considered 65% contained (19); while helicopters played important roles in knocking down a small wildfire in Maine: spotting the fire, then hauling water to snuff it (20). South Carolina Forestry Commission will use a helicopter to survey the 800-acre wildfire burning in Horry County today (21); and a wildfire is burning in St. Johns County, Florida, as well (22); while a 243-acre wildfire was reported burning 20 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska, one of over three dozen currently burning in that state (23). Over 500,000 ha of land have been burned by 111 wildfires still raging through northern Ontario, Canada (24); prompting the military to help with evacuations of 3,600 people in the path of the blazes (26); some of them arriving at Algonquin College (27); but one leader decided to stay behind to keep an eye on things (28); and as evacuees left, 361 firefighters from British Columbia arrived to help battle the wildfires; giving hope that they might finally be making some progress on gaining control over the blazes (29). Israel's Cabinet is set to approve a plan for $15 million to rehabilitate the Mount Carmel region ravaged by a wildfire last year, while also improving their firefighting capabilities (30). And finally, a Special Ops team from Brevard, Florida, got to try out their animal rescue skills when a racehorse became trapped in a swimming pool!

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