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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Southern California is bracing for Santa Ana winds that could reach 85 mph today (1); this at a time when a US Forest Service firefighter accused of starting a wildfire in San Bernardino County in 2010 has been sentenced to two years in prison (2); while Glenn County Resource Conservation District received state recognition for several programs, including their Community Wildfire Protection Plan (3); and US Forest Service will resume controlled burns on the California side of Lake Tahoe (4). An Arizona state senator is arguing that the state should take over US Forest Service lands if that agency doesn't accelerate tree thinning to reduce catastrophic wildfires like the ones that visited the state this year (5); while officials in Utah are trying to decide how to divvy up the costs of a 13.9-acre wildfire that burned on US Forest Service land (6). US Forest Service has lifted fire restrictions on national forests throughout Texas (7); but Grimes County Commissioners debated the wisdom of lifting a burn ban after a debris fire got out of control (8); meanwhile, Travis County Office of Emergency Management evaluated how firefighters performed during the Labor Day wildfires (9). The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is proceeding with controlled burns across 31,000 acres of the Everglades (10); but a new study posted on Forestry Sciences Network takes a look at tree mortality following wildfires in the Central American nation of Nicaragua (11). Heading to Australia, Victoria's graphic new bushfire ads are causing grief to those who were traumatized by the Black Saturday bushfires (12); even as Country Fire Authority cautioned residents of Geelong about the extreme danger posed by fast-moving grass fires (13). Firefighters battled a small bushfire that was deliberately set near the Bruce Highway along Queensland's Sunshine Coast (14). Ground crews got some training on reloading SEATS during a South Australian Country Fire Service training exercise in Jamestown (15); even as suburban dwellers in Adelaide were warned about the danger from bushfires (16); and the recent bushfires in Port Augusta underscore the danger (17). FESA authorities will be reviewing a new computer application that uses satellite images and data such as fuel loads and weather forecasts to track and predict the movements of bushfires in Western Australia (18); something which they could probably use right now near Lake Quitjup, where a bushfire broke out of containment (19); a historic Busselton house being destroyed by bushfires (20); but the residents of Margaret River who lost homes were mad at their more complacent neighbors who did nothing to prepare their property for bushfires (21); however, the Margaret River Wine Industry Association expressed relief that bushfires in Western Australia would not impact 2012 wines (22). And finally, firefighters in New Jersey had to deal with an emergency at a local hospital: a trapped flying squirrel!

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(23) Flying squirrel goes nuts in New Jersey hospital’s emergency room; firefighters remove it

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