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Monday, January 12, 2009


First up in the news today, a story of political confusion surrounding a non-existent water tank that could have saved homes in Orange County, prefaced with the words 'If only...' The Army Corps of Engineers is taking a small step in addressing a big fire problem in Oregon, while Missoula, Montana, is taking a step into the unknown in reseeding burn areas with native plants. Colorado legislators are earmarking $3 million for fire mitigation, knowing that this is only the first installment on a much larger need. A first-person perspective out of Uganda, Africa, after devastating bushfires there is next up, relating the tragedy of family members lost. Australian firefighters are pursuing an arsonist in South Australia, and a providential rainstorm has helped quell a bushfire in Morton National Park in New South Wales. Firefighters are reminding residents of Victoria state about the increased risk from bushfires as temperatures increase, while an emergency bushfire line has been setup in South Australia as temperatures rise there as well. Finally, a new vitamin formula specifically developed to handle the stress firefighters experience on the job has been announced, something that targets such chronic firefighter threats as cardiac problems.

Report: OC reservoir has languished for years

Cut-and-burn forest plan up for review

Sentinel seeding may alter fire repair strategies

Lawmakers make wildfire plan

He survived but watched fire consume his mother, siblings

Arson behind Kangarilla bushfire

Heavy rain helps contain Morton blaze

Bushfire risk rising in Victoria

Fire bans as temperature soars

New Vitamin Targets Health Needs of Firefighters

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