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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Australian bushfires strike close to home in today's wildfire news, as a native Californian was among the many fatalities Down Under, but in an amazing feat of organization, Oklahoma firefighters from different agencies were able to stop a raging wildfire within feet of structures. Firefighters in Kentucky who had been clearing ice off of roads just a few days ago had to attend to a forest fire that threatened homes, and firefighters in Florida had to stop traffic as a wildfire burned near a road. An article from Canada discusses the details of fire science, something authorities in China are afraid they may get first-hand experience in fighting soon, as the next article tells, and which firefighters in South Africa have already been dealing with. Heading to Australia, the weather is finally cooling, allowing firefighters to rope in the many bushfires there, as recounted by the next article. A new Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority has been established to rebuild after the fires, and lots of help is pouring into Australia to help with the effort, as told by the next three articles, even as efforts are underway to aid hungry livestock spared by the bushfires. And the help isn't just financial, but includes veteran personnel, some elite Hot Shot Teams from all over the US, and an advanced team from Canada, as related by the next four articles. After a review of fire policies, Tasmania's government has decided to stay the course for now, even as Australian counties are reconsidering their roadblocks that keep residents out of fire areas. As the fires continue to burn, teams of forensic experts are combing the wreckage for bodies as families anxiously await word on loved ones. After so much gloom and doom, two articles offer a lighter note: one about a young woman who sang about her arson intentions only to be nabbed by authorities; and one about how Omaha, Nebraska, firefighters got more than they bargained for when they tried to tackle a 95-lb pit bull!

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