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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Texas-based Potter County Fire Department is fighting the two-headed monster of wildfires and budget cuts (1); while the next article takes a look at Texas Forest Service's air-tanker force that protects the high plains of the Panhandle (2). A new report from Montana's Gallatin National Forest provides impetus for clearing out timber to reduce the threat of wildfires whose ashes and sediment could foul Bozeman's water supply (3); and South Dakota's Mount Rushmore National Memorial will be conducting controlled burns on hundreds of slash piles this winter (4). Reduced snowfall across Michigan this winter could lead to worse wildfires this summer, according to the next article (5); but the Alabama Forestry Commission reported that 81 fires had burned more than 3,500 acres across the state over the past few days (6). Gloucester County, Virginia, is picking up the pieces from a 1,200-acre wildfire that devastated the area (7); and although rain and snow have dampened wildfires that have burned thousands of acres over the past few days in Virginia, authorities warned residents of the continued wildfire danger across the state (8); nevertheless, the change in the weather is giving firefighters a much-needed rest (9). Authorities reported that a wildfire which has burned 800 acres near Cedar Creek, North Carolina, is now 40% contained (10); even as the Division of Air Quality reminded homeowners that many wildfires this time of year are caused by illegal debris fires, which can result in a $25,000 fine for offenders (11); and a North Carolina Forest Service spokesman discussed wildfires that have burned over 8,000 acres across the state in the past week in a public radio segment (12); followed by a story about the largest, which burned in excess of 2,000 acres, finally being contained (13). South Carolina Forestry Commission reported responding to over 300 wildfires during the past four days (14); including a large one in Lexington County (15); but has revised the size of one in Spartanburg County from 100 acres down to only 50 (16). Florida Department of Health provided useful tips to people with breathing problems over how to cope with wildfire smoke (17). Saskatchewan, Canada's, Ministry of Environment's Fire Management and Forest Protection Branch provided some wildfire training to fire departments located in the vicinity of Nipawin (18). According to Armenia's National Statistical Service, that Eurasian country experienced a substantial increase in wildfire activity in 2010 versus previous years (19); while the director of Gambia's Forestry Department reiterated the campaign to reduce human-caused bushfires across that African nation (20). A former Australian Federal Police Commissioner will head an inquiry into the bushfires that destroyed 71 homes in Perth Hills, Western Australia (21); but a tug-of-war between two competing groups in Daylesford, Victoria, has a bushfire memorial stuck in limbo for now (22). A bushfire in Dubbo, New South Wales, required the attention of a trio of air-tankers to help bring it under control (23). And finally, we've all heard of firefighters, now meet some of Georgia's firelighters!

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