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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Leading off the news today, an article from San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum's Bill Hoffman on Fire School. Next up, two pairs of articles, the first from Redding warning about fire conditions there, followed by a pair from Utah about wildfires in that state. Even lush, green western Washington State is getting some wildfires today and arson investigators in Hawaii have determined the cause of a wildfire there. The Christian Science Monitor revisits the issue of the increasing cost of wildfires, while central California has problems with an arsonist of their own. Firefighters in Idaho and Oregon have roped in wildfires in those states, and Colorado has its hands full with multiple (mostly lightning-sparked) wildfires burning at the moment. It was busy up in Topanga Canyon Tuesday night, when a blazing car with a body in it was discovered (a little close to home for the folks at Wildfire Research Network). Only two stories from the international front tonight, one about more fires in Macedonia, and another from Ukraine detailing a hazard most firefighters will not (hopefully) have to deal with - exploding munitions!

Fire School

Even city’s core isn’t immune to risk of wildfires

Hot winds fuel fire that forces hundreds to flee in Redding

Firefighters gaining upperhand on Utah blazes

Brush fires still a concern in Kitsap County

Teens with lighter set Maui brush fire

As wildfires spread, so does the red ink

Arson fire east of Willits

Meadow Creek Fire to be Contained Tonight

Firefighters have upper hand on wildfires

Wildfires blacken 32,000 acres in Colorado

Man's body found in burning car in Topanga area

Forest fires ravage Macedonia

Fire causes missile explosions in Ukraine

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