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Friday, April 17, 2009


Leading off today with two articles from The New York Times: the first story revisits San Diego Gas and Electric's plans to shut off electrical power during windy days; the second discusses the ecology of forests. An Op-Ed piece from The Oregonian on the subject of Oregon's state forests is up next; followed by the continuing saga of a surgeon accused of allowing a wildfire to get started in Washington State who has yet to pay up on fees assessed against her. Texas' governor visited areas devastated by wildfires which burned 400,000 acres and destroyed hundreds of homes; and homage is paid to the many unsung heroes in the ranks of Texas volunteer firefighters. Firefighters in Montana are going to begin burning off debris and slash piles in preparation for fire season; while two stories from Michigan demonstrate conditions in that state: authorities in a Michigan county are searching for someone who lit an illegal debris fire that caught a house on fire; and fire officials warned of the extreme wildfire danger in Southern Michigan over the weekend. Wisconsin fire authorities are looking for a good soaking statewide after a busier-than-usual wildfire season. Wildfires broke out in two Massachusetts communities as dry conditions continued there; but in a testament to the benefits of aerial surveillance, a jet pilot coming in to land at Portland, Maine, alerted fire authorities to a wildfire on his approach. On the technology front, Popular Mechanics Magazine offers some videos of robots from Segway that could be used for, among other things, firefighting. A small wildfire has broken out in Florida's Osceola County as that state continues to suffer through a drought. In the fallout following the announcement of a Country Fire Authority volunteer firefighter being an arson suspect, psychological evaluations of firefighting personnel has been suggested by a union; but a woman who falsely claimed a family death due to the Black Saturday bushfires has had her day in court. Maria Mercurio of the Australian RSPCA announced a remembrance service for animals lost in the Black Saturday bushfires for later this month. Cresting over $315 million, the Australian Bushfire Appeal has come to a close; helped along, in part, by two musical ventures: rock concert proceeds have exceeded $8 million; while Sony Music announced that their bushfire benefit CD has raised over $1 million on sales of more than 100,000 units. And finally, a youngster with leukemia was able to live out his firefighter fantasy for one very special day in Sedgwick County, Kansas.

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