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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wildfire News of the Day subscriber Sarah Burge, a reporter for Southern California's San Bernardino Press-Enterprise newspaper, tells a tale of wildfire and rebirth on the Santa Rosa Plateau (1); while Fire Department Network News provides a behind-the-scenes look at Orange County Fire Authority's stable of new firefighting helicopters in the next item (2). The legal tussle over fire retardant is revisited in an article from Central California (3). The National Weather Service report of a cold front moving across Texas on Friday has prompted Texas Forest Service to issue wildfire warnings (4); prompting some counties to ban fireworks on New Year's Eve (5). Firefighters in Harrison County, Missouri, dealt with several wildfires that cropped up in a short period of time (6); but Baraga County, Michigan, has just unveiled a new Community Wildfire Protection Plan (7). Motorists in Clinch County, Georgia, are being warned about possible delays due to wildfire smoke reducing visibility (8); while counties across Florida are advising residents not to use fireworks on New Year's Eve due to tinder-dry conditions (9); smoke from current blazes also made driving difficult on some roads (10); and wildfires in South Florida have caused over $250,000 worth of damages to a local golf course (11). Firefighters in the South American nation of Ecuador will be getting an assist in spotting wildfires from the air from a new German aircraft they just acquired (12); something which firefighters in Argentina would probably like to borrow, as they battle a wildfire that was reported in the province of Neuquén (13). Turkey's Mugla Forestry Directorate is celebrating a successful year in which they reduced the damage done by forest fires throughout the region (14); but firefighters in Cape Town, South Africa, battled a wind-driven veldt fire in the hills above the city (15). As Vietnam's dry season begins, Ba Vi National Park is at risk from local farmers who use fire to clear land nearby (16). Despite an abundance of rain in the Australia Capital Territory, firefighters stated that precipitation has not eliminated the danger of bushfires (17); even as fire agencies in several Australian states worried about bushfires as 2010 comes to an end (18); especially Victoria, where high heat could compound the problem (19). A Canadian heli-tanker pilot expounds on fighting bushfires in South Australia (20); something which he may get a lot of practice doing as the bushfire situation becomes more perilous this week (21). As a financial debate continues between New South Wales' Rural Fire Service and local governments, the RFS said that although the increase in rates was inconvenient, it will save lives in the long run (22). Fire and Emergency Services Authority continues to grapple with several bushfires across Western Australia (23); where several dozen civilians who were trapped by the bushfires are being supplied by air (24). Tasmania Fire Service had a rash of bushfires to deal with (25). And finally, as we close out 2010, Boulder County, Colorado, has voted wildland firefighters as its people of the year!

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