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Friday, May 01, 2009


Wildfire news begins today with contrasting reports on the US wildfire season ahead: despite reports of 10,000 more wildfires than usual for this time of year, NIFC is forecasting a normal wildfire year in the US; but a USA Today article provides a grim report for parts of the US in the coming fire season. The Angeles National Forest Fire Lookout Association in Southern California is looking for some folks who like looking at beautiful scenery (and the occasional wildfire) from on high. Firefighters in Capitan, New Mexico had to evacuate some residents from the path of a wildfire yesterday. A New York Times article provides a unique technique being pioneered in Colorado for dealing with beetle-killed timber: pyrolysis. A firefighting instructor from Wisconsin discusses the job he loves; and Ohio has something in common with South Carolina, both states having just wrapped up the largest forest fires in the history of either state. A wildfire is burning on part of Fort Benning, Georgia, in an area inaccessible to firefighters; and, as the ice floes begin to abate in Alaska, the wildfire season has officially kicked off. A major forest fire raged on the outskirts of the Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, forcing upwards of 1,000 residents to flee and requiring aerial assets from New Brunswick to assist; the Defence Department's firefighting center had a close call as the fire burned near some huge propane tanks; but one commentator sees climate change as one factor in the outbreak of this wildfire. With over 11,000 firefighters manning the line, the massive wildfire in Heilongjiang, China, is finally under control. A delay in compensation hearings for the 2003 Canberra bushfires has been imposed; but outrage from citizens of Victoria state accompanied the release of an arsonist considered by some to be unrehabilitated. Going one step beyond just handing out money, Australian government officials are also providing financial planning on how best survivors can use it. Good deeds do sometimes get rewarded: the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary, which did yeoman work with wildlife burned in the Black Saturday bushfires, received a substantial donation; and 500 Canberra EMS personnel were feted as thanks for their help in the Black Saturday bushfires. Just one day after Australia's government announced a nationwide natural disaster alert system, storm clouds are gathering, as politicians and technology experts begin picking apart the concept. And finally, here's an incident that not many firefighters have had to deal with!

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