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Friday, May 24, 2013


Our first article today discusses perceived federal mismanagement at preventing wildfires which cost the US $2 billion in losses last year (1). San Bernardino County Fire Department's annual wildfire training exercise set 256 acres ablaze outside of the Southern California community of Fontana (2); while fire crews in San Diego County have a 1,500-acre wildfire outside of Julian 60% contained (3); even as local fire agencies teamed up with the military to conduct a three-day exercise in East County to prepare for future wildfires (4); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Jon Keeley, a Research Ecologist at the USGS Western Ecological Research Center sent along an update on a study he conducted of fire and flora in Mediterranean climate ecosystems (5); but fire crews quickly knocked down a 1.5-acre wildfire near San Jose's Coyote Creek yesterday (6); and the Inyo National Forest is inviting public input on how best to care for the land in an age of climate change and mega-fires at a meeting to be held in Mammoth on May 29th (7). As fire crews brought an 11,000-acre wildfire in Arizona's Coronado National Forest to 70% containment, the operation moved in to mop up mode (8); current conditions prompting officials to remind Memorial Day visitors to that forest to exercise caution due to the fire danger (9); but a transient has been accused of sparking a one-acre wildfire in Coconino County (10). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Prevention and Outreach Program Manager for New Mexico State Forestry, discusses the role of air-attack aircraft in an article that looks at the future of drones flying the firelines (11); but in the meantime, the city of Albuquerque has issued an air-quality health alert which may be due in part to wildfire smoke (12). Fire officials are using the occasion of a controlled burn to remind residents of Moffat County, Colorado, of the wildfire danger (13); Chubb Personal Insurance, which deploys private firefighters to protect properties they insure, showing off the ability of Thermo Gel products to protect structures from wildfire damage at a press event in Steamboat Springs (14). Wildland firefighter trainees experienced their first practice fire outside of Idaho City, Idaho, as they prepared for fire season (15); and in Connecticut, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has issued posters urging caution amongst target shooters across the country during wildfire season (16). Wildfire activity in Alberta, Canada, is summarized by the next article (17); where the Nordegg wildfire is now under control, canceling a potential evacuation (18). While fire agencies in the US continued to wrangle with the Federal Aviation Administration over the use of drones on wildfires, an engineer at Thunder Bay, Ontario's, Lakehead University has received a grant to help develop wildfire drones for use over Canadian wildfires (19); and using advanced technology of their own, the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System will provide up-to-date information on the unfolding wildfire season (20). Four new wildfires were reported in the Mediterranean Basin: one in Parada do Bouro, Portugal, two others in Tragana and Thessaloniki, Greece, and the fourth in Eskişehir, Turkey (21); public safety officials voicing concern over the age of Greek aircraft fighting a wildfire on the island of Hydra (22); but with the assistance of air-tankers from the Italian Civil Protection Department, fire crews have brought several arson blazes in Libya's Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountains) under control (23). A property development director from New South Wales, Australia, provides some useful tips for people who own property in bushfire zones in the next article (24); but an Op-Ed piece from a small-business owner rails at the delayed arrival of air-tankers over a bushfire that blazed through Cherryville, South Australia, earlier this month (25). The results of a survey conducted by University of Western Australia’s School of Psychology Bushfire CRC research team among survivors of the 2011 Perth Hills bushfires have been published (26); even as new guidelines by the state government dictated that LP gas cylinders remain upright during bushfires to prevent explosions (27). And finally, firefighters in Yakima, Washington, used to getting cats of trees, had to go a different direction this time!

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