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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Even as he directed that CAL FIRE increase readiness and personnel to fight wildfires, California's governor is threatening to eliminate 1,100 seasonal firefighter positions, close down 11 fire camps, and shutter 20 fire stations if propositions in a special election later this month are not approved, something labeled a 'scare tactic' by detractors, as shown by our first two wildfire articles today. Interagency training exercises are being conducted in Redding, California; but firefighters in Oregon fear that budget cuts to firefighting may imperil homeowners. A quartet of heavy air-tankers at an Arizona air-attack base have been busy, even though wildfire season hasn't officially begun yet. Saddled with debt, Nevada is proposing closure of a minimum-security prison camp whose inmates help fight wildfires, among other things. With 220,000 acres of rangeland, 1,500 miles of fence, and over 500 head of cattle destroyed by the wildfires in Texas a few weeks ago, their Agricultural Commission is lobbying for relief funds. Five pint-sized arsonists were apprehended in the wake of a pair of small blazes in Michigan; while a wildfire that broke out in New Hampshire crossed the border into Maine today. The North Carolina chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association is showcased in the next item. Heading north, a small blaze in British Columbia, Canada, is described in the following article; but Ontario provincial fire officials are readying a fleet of 9 CL-415, 5 Twin Otter medium waterbombers, 13 initial attack helicopters, seven private sector birddog aircraft and 15 private sector fire detection aircraft for what they hope will be a delayed fire season. After two days of wildfires, a Native Canadian community south of Edmonton, Alberta, has suffered an estimated $1 million in damages; and, elsewhere in Alberta Province, Lamont County residents were dealing with a resurgent wildfire. Firefighters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, were continuing to mop up hotspots in the aftermath of the large wildfire there. A wildfire is burning in the southeastern part of European Russia; followed by a discussion of Japanese findings in the use of carbon dioxide to fight fires. Signs of recovery are appearing in Victoria, Australia, in the wake of the Black Saturday bushfires: college students are helping farmers and ranchers repair the bushfire damage there; and several houses are being rebuilt in the community of Bendigo.

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