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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Our first article today takes a look at why military aircraft are restricted from performing initial attack on wildfires (1); followed by one about a new study which shows that toxic levels of isocyanate acid have been detected in smoke from major forest fires (2). A summary of wildfire activity across California is provided by the next item (3); where a 450-acre wildfire burning on the grounds of Southern California's Camp Pendleton Marine Base has been 80% contained (4); and an update on Northern California's Mill Fire, which is now 75% contained (5); while a 640-acre wildfire in San Luis Obispo County that forced the evacuation of 50 homes (6); but difficult terrain forced CAL FIRE to resort to airstrikes on Placer County's Robbers Fire, resulting in quite an air show where a record 109 airdrops were performed by air-tankers from Grass Valley Air Attack Base (7). Although firefighters in southeastern Oregon have increased containment on wildfires there, a forecast of thunderstorms by Thursday has them worried (8); however, with the onset of the monsoon season in Arizona, 5 out of 6 national forests have lifted fire restrictions (9). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, discusses the fire suppression tab for that state's wildfires so far this year (10); followed by another story which talks about the overall cost, including post-fire recovery efforts (11). Insured losses from the Colorado wildfires have been estimated at $450 million so far (12); including $55 million for homes destroyed by wildfires in Larimer County (13); while much of the Roosevelt National Forest remains closed due to damage done by the High Park Fire (14); but a panel discussion at Colorado University's 37th annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop found that information for evacuated homeowners is critical during a wildfire (15); while US Senator Mark Udall discusses his efforts to bring forest health to that state through support of the 2012 Farm Bill in the next Item (16). Wayne County, Utah, plans to file charges against a suspected wildfire arsonist who lit a blaze in the Dixie National Forest that cost $3.2 million to suppress (17); meanwhile the danger of mudslides in parts of Utah scorched by wildfires is examined by the next article (18). In Texas, Plano Fire Department has added a second brush truck to its pool of apparatus to be better prepared for wildfires of the future (19); but an out-of-control campfire forced firefighters in New York state's Adirondack High Peak to douse the resulting wildfire from the air (20). Lightning sparked dozens of wildfires across British Columbia, Canada (21); that article followed by a summary of wildfire activity in Saskatchewan, where 50 blazes are currently burning (22); and a look at the fire situation in Ontario, where lightning strikes have sparked numerous wildfires (23); where parents were urged to talk to their kids about the danger uncontrolled burning can cause in that drought-stricken province (24). Insurance giant Lloyd's of London reacted to recent studies that wildfire risk has been perceived as rising worldwide (25). Firefighters managed to bring a 2,000-ha wildfire which threatened Spain's Teide National Park in the Canary Islands to 50% containment (26); a photo spread showing the volume of smoke being emitted (27). Firefighters in southern Italy are battling a massive wildfire in Pollino National Park (28); while 800 people have been evacuated from the resort of San Teodoro on the island of Sardinia due to wildfires (29). And finally, a new, high-tech helmet allows firefighters to see through smoke and hear victims while remaining protected from fires themselves!

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