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Friday, September 05, 2008


A number of small fires in the news today, along with a couple of large ones that have finally been contained, leading off with a story from North Carolina about a 62-square-mile wildfire being roped in, followed by one from Washington state about two more crews are finishing off. Dixie National Forest in Utah had a quartet of wildfires blazing, while Michigan reported a couple of their own. Sherman Oaks (part of greater L.A.) had a small wildfire extinguished, and small wildfires were reported outside of Grass Valley and Willits, as well as one in the Adirondacks and another in Kentucky. Two stories about the oldest trees in the world appeared in the news today: the first refers to the ancient bristlecone pines' visitor center fire and the second to the giant sequoias being affected by climate change. As a potent reminder about the threat to the sequoias, the following article discusses a wildfire straddling both Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Next up, a story about some well-deserved down time for the Martin Mars on Lake Oroville after a very busy summer in California, and a press release from the Governor about the tragic P-2 crash earlier this week. San Diego is in the news again, with a pair of articles discussing the utility problems in the region and community activism by the Oceanside Firefighters Association. And finally, technology on the cutting (or should I say, blasting?) edge: grenades for firefighters!

Wildfire in eastern NC contained

Two wildfires contained, crews mopping up

Four fires burning in Dixie National Forest

Wildfires spark in dry forests

Sherman Oaks brush fire quickly knocked down

Bombers snuff S. Yuba blaze

Two area fires, quickly extinguished

Forest Fire Burning In Pike County

Forest fire burns near Paul Smiths College

Fire destroys visitor center at Bristlecone forest

Feds warn climate change could harm giant sequoias

Tehipite Fires Grows to Over 2,400 Acres

Mars comes to Oroville

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Federal Air Tanker Crash Victims

State report on wildfires cites 'pole overloading'

Firefighters make presence known at meetings, in fliers

No Fire in the Hole! Firefighters Use Flame-Retardant Grenades

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