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Saturday, November 01, 2008


A little-known back-story is revealed in today's first article: the military found out how to improve their response from the Firescope protocols used by firefighters! And speaking of the military, a Colorado Springs firm that sells missile-launch sensors to US Air Force Space Command will be offering them to fire agencies for wildfire detection as well. The bear cub injured in this year's wildfires (and dubbed "Li'l Smoky") is now on camera as related by the next article. Two articles warn people to remain vigilant for wildfires even though the fall rains are arriving, and a third underscores the danger runoff in burn areas poses. Firefighters quickly jumped on a wildfire near Escondido with an overwhelming aerial response, while firefighters in Nevada are clearing out fuel in preparation for the next fire season. In Arizona, fires in the Kaibab National Forest have burned past the 10,000 acre mark, while Wyoming and South Dakota tallied up a few small fires of their own this week. Australian fire agencies are looking to employ firefighters in a unique CO2 reduction program, but after record low rainfall in Melbourne, fire chiefs are bracing for a spate of bushfires amidst a water shortage. Finally, a cautionary tale to check the credentials of emergency personnel before assuming they're legit.

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Water supplies, urban fringe at risk

Police stop fake firefighter after report he was doing it again

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