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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Fire Department Network News provides some video of San Diego, California's, new S-64 heli-tanker in our first wildfire news item today; while Grass Valley has apparently dodged the wildfire bullet this year, with below-normal fire activity reported. Oregon has had a thankfully quiet year for forest fires, despite a few large blazes; in contrast to their northern neighbor, Washington, which recorded more wildfires, though less acreage burned in 2009. An official in Colorado is proposing a grassroots approach to wildfire mitigation in the area; but with rain coming in, Virginia forestry officials may get their wish of a quiet fall fire season. Destructive wood beetles devastating forests in the US are receiving an unexpected assist from an unlikely source: man! As bushfires multiply across Australia, the S-64 Erickson Aircrane known as 'Elvis' is prepped and ready to fly in Victoria; but they might consider loaning it to their neighbors in the eastern part of the country, where fires are already raging. After winter rains boosted vegetation growth in Western Australia, fire officials fear they are facing their worst bushfire season in a decade; even as firefighters there have been successful in stopping an arson bushfire from reaching homes. Evacuees wait to return home from wildfires in Queensland; followed by a late update on the situation in that state; where arson is apparently the cause of a fire that destroyed a home; but it's hoped that rain will give weary firefighters a break.

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