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Friday, September 09, 2011


We lead off with an article from the technology front, where California-based FireWhat Inc. has just announced a new app which allows firefighters to check weather conditions and other fire information from their smartphone in the field (1). The next article provides a summary of wildfires across southern Oregon (2); where firefighters were knocking down a 467-acre wildfire burning north of Medford (3); and air-quality dropped from "good" to "moderate" in the Willamette Valley due to wildfire smoke (4); while the governor plans to fly over the 4,600-acre wildfire burning near Mt. Hood before attending a briefing today (5); but a radio segment from Oregon Public Broadcasting that explores what many in the area consider a tardy response by US Forest Service to the fire in those first critical days (6); even as residents of Portland worry about what the wildfire damage will do to their watershed (9); but two quick-thinking motorists probably prevented a forest fire near Browns Camp by dousing a burning car along the side of the road (8). The Governor of Washington visited evacuees forced to abandon their homes because of a 5,300-acre burning in Goldendale (9); the fire also forcing relocation of a football game (10); and the Olympic Peninsula will be baking into next week as two wildfires continue to burn (11). A 1 1/2 acre wildfire that cropped up in Douglas County, Nevada, was quickly extinguished by firefighters (12). Three MAFFS-equipped C-130s from the Wyoming Air National Guard have been dispatched to Idaho to assist with wildfires (13); where road and trail access in the Panhandle has been restricted due to the blazes (14); but fires burning elsewhere in the state have caused smoky skies in Magic Valley (15). Texas Forest Service provides an update, along with some photos, of the wildfires in that state, in the next item (16); while US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell issued a statement that sums up the numbers of air-tankers being utilized to fight the Texas wildfires (17); and although firefighters made progress against the 36,000-acre wildfire burning in Bastrop County, it was unlikely that they would use the DC-10, which is currently stationed at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, to help with the battle (18); nevertheless, a National Public Radio segment takes a look at the planned aerial assault for today (19); but as some evacuees are being allowed to return home, gawkers are becoming a problem (20); firefighters remaining hopeful that lighter winds projected by National Weather Service forecasters will help their firefighting efforts (21); but the wildfire danger across Texas is having an impact on Texas Army National Guard live-fire training (22); even as the Lieutenant Governor pleaded with the federal government to send more help (23); but wildfire evacuees were more concerned about the Governor's whereabouts and the need for additional temporary housing (24); while a wildfire survivor was the first to donate to wildfire relief funds for hard-hit Bastrop County (25); and the efforts of Verizon Wireless to keep its cell service working during the Texas wildfires is addressed by a press release (26). A Michigan septuagenarian has been charged with setting more than seven wildfires (27); and Arkansas Forestry Commission firefighters battled a 30-acre wildfire that threatened homes in Clark County yesterday (28). Canadian firefighters extinguished a small wildfire in Comox Valley, British Columbia (29); while wildfires were reported in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Albania (30). Sixty eight of Victoria, Australia's, 79 local government areas have been designated as being "bushfire prone" (31); while a 400 ha wildfire was fought by Queensland Fire and Rescue Service firefighters outside of Collinsville (32). And finally, firefighters in Sweden are probably nostalgic about rescuing cats from trees after having to rescue an intoxicated moose from a tree!

(1) FireWhat Inc. Brings Wildland Firefighting Technology to the Palm of a Firefighter's Hand

(2) Major wildfires stay under control Thursday, but officials wary of smaller fires in southern Oregon

(3) Little Butte fire grows to 467 acres

(4) Valley stuck in hazy days of summer

(5) Red flag warning continues as Ore. gov. flies over wildfire

(6) Mt. Hood Residents Critical Of Fire Response

(7) Hot, dry winds may fan fires

(8) Two Men Put Out Abandoned Vehicle Fire, Avert Possible Forest Fire Off Highway 6 near Browns Camp

(9) Washington governor visits wildfire evacuees

(10) Fire moves River View-Goldendale game to Prosser

(11) Heat still on for Washington wildfires

(12) Crews quickly extinguish fire near Spooner Summit

(13) Wyo. Air Guard tankers sent to Idaho

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(15) Idaho Fires Causing Smoky Haze In Magic Valley

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(32) Bush fire crews monitoring grass fires at Collinsville and Mt Larcom

(33) Firefighters rescue intoxicated moose in Sweden

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