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Friday, January 09, 2009


In wildfire news today, a couple in San Diego County successfully sued their fire insurance carrier for failure to pay enough and on time after they lost their home in the wildfires of 2003, and to quote lyrics from a Steely Dan song, 'Here come those Santa Ana winds again'. Things are finally calming down in Colorado, as the next article relates, and one couple is thankful for, of all things, the local newscopter! Florida fire officials are commending residents on their restraint during fire season, but they will be having their own 'Red Flag' conditions recur there. Heading south, firefighters in New Zealand are counting the suppression cost for a wildfire in their territory, while firefighters in Australia are getting a handle on a bushfire that has burned nearly 1,000 acres. Cooler weather is helping firefighters to the north with another bushfire, but Australian firefighters feel campers are not quite as conscientious as Floridians when it comes to minding their fires.

El Cajon Couple Win Appeal in their Wildfires Insurance Suit

Forecasters predict return of dry Santa Ana winds

Crews contain Colo. wildfire; residents return

SkyFOX Helps Spare Home from Fire

Officials applaud residents on low number of wildfires

'Red Flag' wildfire danger warning issued

Firefighting cost may top $500,000

Fire service hopes to extinguish Howes Valley blaze

Cooler weather quells Highlands bushfire

Campers ignoring fire bans, says CFS

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