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Thursday, January 24, 2013


An article from the Atlantic examines how climate change could drive wildfires to alter the landscape in forests across the American West (1); while home and business owners in the western US are being urged to take steps to prepare for wildfires by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety as 2013 shapes up to be a warmer year (2). The California Fire Science Consortium is asking for a few minutes of your time to fill out a survey of fire professionals (3). An Op-Ed piece from Nevada discussed proper disposal of fireplace ashes in the wake of a wildfire in Washoe County one year ago that was sparked by fireplace ashes (4); and a pair of wildfires in southern Arizona's Sonoita-Elgin Fire District showed that the danger persists in that region even now (5). Colorado Springs, Colorado, is working to prevent any more wildfires like the Waldo Canyon Fire, which destroyed 346 homes last summer (6); while the commander of U.S. Northern Command at Peterson Air Force Base is urging a review of the Economy Act of 1932, which prohibits military air-tankers being committed to fight wildfires before all civilian assets are utilized (7); the feds asking for comments on their Draft Action Plan for the Western Cohesive Strategy by February 1st (8); and in a followup to an article from Colorado in yesterday's Wildfire NOTD, subscriber Dominick DellaSala, President and Chief Scientist of the Geos Institute, sent along a link to their study published in Natural Areas Journal which discusses the reduced impact bark beetles had on western wildfires in 2012 (9). Despite the fact that it's the dead of winter, residents of Laclede County, Missouri, are being warned to keep an eye out for wildfires (10). A 35-acre forested area near Hamlet, North Carolina, was set ablaze to train new firefighters (11); while South Carolina Forestry Commission fire crews battled a wildfire in Goose Creek (12). Polk County Fire Rescue's Chief warned Floridians of the current wildfire danger in their area (13). Heading Down Under, windy, dry conditions elevated the bushfire danger in Gippsland, Victoria (14); even as a man who admitted lighting nearly a dozen bushfires on the outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales, broke down under questioning in court (15). Homeowners near Karrinyup, Western Australia, began evacuations as aircraft descended on a bushfire in the Trigg Bushland Reserve (16). Tasmanian Fire Service fought a 5-hectare blaze in the suburbs of Hobart (17); while residents of Copping have set up a bushfire neighbourhood watch group (18); and country music stars performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival to raise money for bushfire survivors (19); boxer Daniel Geale doing his part as well (20); while Centrelink is urging people impacted by bushfires in that state to determine their eligibility for assistance from the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment program (21); but there's some controversy over how aid money is being spent (22). And finally, firefighters in Denver, Colorado, had a tricky rescue to perform: a kitty that had been stranded on top of a high-voltage power pole for three days!

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