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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wildfires in Arizona have contributed to a serious reduction in the red squirrel population (1); while another article warning of a devastating fire season across Texas also provides a link to the Texas Forest Service's firestorm webpage (2); this at a time when two Texas counties have battled wildfires, as demonstrated by the following photos (3). With an estimated 72% of West Virginia's firefighters being volunteers, a shortage of these firefighters could have a serious impact on their wildland firefighting force (4). A wildfire was reported in St. Johns County, Florida (5); while firefighters battled another in Jackson County (6); as well as a 90-acre wildfire in Pasco County's Big Cypress Swamp (7); and a fast-moving blaze, dubbed the Burnt Island Fire, in Marion County, all of which reinforced the feeling that this was a portent of things to come this winter (8). British Columbia's Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative, which has provided $37 million to Canadian communities to help them prepare for wildfires since 2005, has run out of money (9); while French scientists at the University of Corsica have unveiled a new fire simulator to help them better understand wildfires on that Mediterranean island (10). Firefighters battling bushfires outside of Canterbury, New Zealand, brought in heli-tankers to help them rope in the blazes (11); and they received some assistance from local volunteer firefighters (12); but continued high winds are making for nervous firefighters (13); as is the case with a fire near Dunedin (14). The next article provides more details on Victoria's trial plan to use Canadian-based Convair air-tankers to fight Australian bushfires (15); while additional bushfire refuges have been unveiled in northeastern Victoria (16). The trial of a hiker accused of starting a bushfire in South Australia's Englebrecht Reserve at Bridgewater last March is underway (17). And finally, firefighters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, have unveiled their answer to police cruiser dash-cams: the helmet cam!

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