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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Three semis and 2 acres were burned by a fast-moving wildfire in Fontana, California, yesterday (1); while CAL FIRE provided some useful tips for homeowners in Central California on how to prepare for wildfires in the next item (2). An Oregon-based community college announced its Wildland Firefighting Training courses, which will commence this Friday (3); and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality posted smoke warnings for those with respiratory problems in three Southern Arizona counties due to a pair of wildfires burning south of Tucson (4). A wildfire burning in New Mexico's Gila Wilderness has scorched 9,440 acres in inaccessible terrain so far (5); wildfire conditions prompting officials to close the Lincoln National Forest, beginning May 12th (6). The National Weather Service has announced that a strong La Niña effect has delayed the wildfire season in Idaho due to abundant moisture (7); nevertheless, Joslin Field is a busy place, as MAFFS-equipped C-130 transports prepare for firefighting duties across the US (8). Fire departments in Oklahoma are hopeful that they will receive fire assistance management grants from FEMA to pay for wildfire costs (9). In the aftermath of massive wildfires in West Texas, the Texas Forest Service is putting on a series of programs to educate people about wildfire awareness (10); while programs to aid farmers and ranchers in the Panhandle impacted by recent wildfires are explored by the next item (11); even as Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is busy making preparations to rebuild in areas around Possum Kingdom Lake where wildfires roamed just a short time ago (12); the following article detailing the impact that state's changing landscape, with forests replacing prairie, and grass remaining ungrazed, played in the recent wildfires (13). The governor of Kansas toured areas hard hit by drought and wildfires in the southwestern part of that state (14); while an intensive study to better understand the impact of beetle-killed pine trees on wildfires is underway in Montana (15). After eight fires burned 14 acres, fire officials in New Jersey feel they have a serial arsonist on their hands (16); followed by an article which profiles the firefighters of the Virginia Department of Forestry (17). Although a wildfire burning in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp is not threatening any structures, the smoke from the 2,100-acre blaze is making breathing difficult (18); meanwhile, firefighters battling a 22,000-acre wildfire burning in Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve have resorted to using a hydraulic mulcher to remove fuel ahead of the fire (19). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Wilson, an air-tanker pilot for 30 years, sent along an article detailing the exploits of Canada's Martin Mars South of the Border (20). Irish police have launched investigations into the causes of numerous wildfires that have cropped up across the country recently (21); while a pair of teenage arsonists have been apprehended by authorities in regards to Britain's Swinley Forest fire (22); even as the damage was assessed (23); the sheer scale of the UK's wildfires appalling government officials as well as environmentalists (24). A woodchip fire in Hertfordshire, UK, spread to the surrounding forest (25); while firefighters are maintaining a watch over a forest in Staffordshire just in case fires rekindle (26); but it is hoped that much-needed rain will arrive soon to spell weary firefighters (27). North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service provided tips to homeowners on how to avoid wildfires in Northern England (28); something which would be useful to share with their Scottish neighbors, as firefighters battled a huge grass fire that spread over 35 km² south of the capital of Edinburgh (29). And finally, firefighters in Ohio proved to be a dog's best friend!

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