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Monday, September 07, 2009


An update on the Station Fire, which is now considered 56% contained, is provided by our first wildfire article today; followed by a look at the devastation caused by the Station Fire, which has reduced one quarter of the Angeles National Forest to ash; and another article looks at the impact on wildlife, with comments from a JPL climatologist on the weakening El Niño, promising more drought for this next year. Time magazine provides an in-depth look at the terrible financial toll of the wildfires on California's budget; and firefighting efforts in the Inland Empire have added up to over $10 million. Following the recent Southern California wildfires, CBS news is rolling out their "mega-fires" documentary again. A National Public Radio segment examines the impact of the annual California wildfires on insurance rates in the area; while the threat from wildfires to local businesses is explored in our next article. For the first time in recorded history, San Francisco had to refuse sending fire equipment to help with the Southern California wildfires. A small wildfire in Ventura County was quickly squelched by firefighters over the weekend; and San Diego Gas & Electric will be holding a meeting tomorrow to unveil a wildfire fighting team, along with some new innovations they hope will reduce the potential for utility poles to cause wildfires. A rainstorm in Washington state's Olympic National Park helped quell wildfires burning in the area; but US Forest Service plans to do some fuel reduction near Reno, Nevada. The official report on a Bureau of Land Management firefighter killed by a falling tree in Colorado this past June has been released; followed by an article about the plight of wildfire contractors in Montana, faced with a slow year during a major recession. Trouble in Paradise as a 250 acre wildfire burned on Oahu, Hawaii. Firefighters and residents of India's Kashmir are demanding that authorities make good on their promises of compensation for injuries and loss suffered in wildfires in that region over the past few years. Wildfires are threatening to burn onto the grounds of an Indonesian airport. Meanwhile Down Under, the failure to provide current and accurate bushfire information to civilians during Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires was revisited. The Royal Bushfire Commission has been informed that a water bomber could've been dispatched sooner to stifle the bushfire that started near Marysville perhaps helping to avert the disaster that wiped out that town; followed by more details on the blaze that leveled that town. A trio of firefighters with extensive experience handling bushfires hold little hope that the Royal Bushfire Commission findings will change bushfire management for the better. Fears of denuding the countryside by removing too many trees in parts of Victoria are aired next; but at least one contractor in that state has cleared vegetation far back from his home. One of the features of the proposed bushfire warning system, the ability to track mobile phone users, has come under scrutiny by privacy advocates; while South Australia is moving forward with plans to conduct even more aggressive burn offs of fuel ahead of the fire season. An arsonist may have been at work in a New South Wales suburb yesterday; but a favorable change in the weather has diminished the bushfire threat in New South Wales (for the moment). And finally, add flying corks to the hazards firefighters sometimes face in the line of duty!

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