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Monday, September 01, 2008


In the news today, we lead off with a trio of stories about northern California wildfires, followed by another summary of aerial firefighting efforts during the fire siege in July. South Dakota determines that their wildland firefighting capabilities have improved, and one way to hone firefighter skills is related in an article from Wyoming on firefighter simulators. A resident of San Diego County has come up with an innovative approach to resolving communications problems at a fire, while the governor of Nevada lays into fire mangers over their conduct of a fire in his state. Colorado is having mixed success with wildfires there, as related by the following three stories, and South Africa has just had their equivalent of the Cedar Fire, with 16 people dead and others badly burned.

Wildfire forces evacuations near Lake Tahoe

Firefighters move fast to attack NorCal wildfire

100 acres scorched in Dobbins area

California wildfires stretch aerial firefighting resources

Wildfire Response Improves

Virtual flames - New firefighter recruits train online

DEER SPRINGS: Invention gives access to three emergency radios at once

Nevada governor chides Forest Service over fire

Crews still battling Colorado wildfires

Rain dousing Colorado wildfire

Winds making Porcupine Fire difficult to fight

Sixteen die in South African bushfires

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