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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


CAL FIRE is investigating a wildfire that burned 296 acres in Lake County, California (1); and the California Invasive Plant Council sent along an announcement about a new book on confronting invasive plants in the western US (2). A Public Affairs Forum in Gig Harbor, Washington, aimed to educate people on the importance of preventing wildfires (3); while a Port Angeles firm is helping reduce the danger from forest fires through its forest biomass program (4). Heli-Expo sent along a reminder about registration for their upcoming convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in March (5); but the daughter of a woman who died in a Washoe County wildfire which destroyed 28 homes is distraught that the man who accidentally started the fire will not face prosecution (6). A new study from Colorado absolves mountain pine beetles from guilt for the destructiveness of Larimer County's High Park Fire last summer (7); while a video discusses a proposal now in the legislature to extend a $2,500 tax credit to homeowners who participate in the Firewise Communities program (8). A proposed bill would allow Utah Division of Forestry to establish pre-suppression strategies in the face of climate change (9); but a Montana Congressman will urge the House Natural Resources Committee to sue the federal government to recover damages created by its land management and wildfire suppression policies in headwaters areas (10). A 20-year US Forest Service veteran will be discussing forest fires at North Central Michigan College on Friday (11). The International Association of Wildland Fire sent along some info on extracurricular activities at their 4th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, beginning late next month (12); but commuters in Chatham County, Georgia, had a bit of a distraction as a wildfire broke out along Interstate 16 today (13). Firefighters on New Zealand's Great Barrier Island appeared to finally be gaining the upper hand on a 112-hectare bushfire there (14); but warned that it could take weeks to extinguish bushfires burning in various parts of New Zealand (15); some farmers being on edge as a bushfire neared Kelly's Bay (16). As bushfires continue to ravage the scenic vistas across Australia, one person is encouraging Australians to pray to prevent further disasters (17). A football team was trapped on Victoria's Mount Feathertop by a bushfire (18); while Country Fire Authority continued to cut control lines as the Baw Baw Shire Council urged residents to make plans to evacuate (19); but the CFA's FireReady smartphone and tablet application continues to misbehave, prompting anger from those concerned about bushfires in their area (20); and Southern Grampians Shire officials warned that people were putting their lives at risk by using non-approved bushfire bunkers (21). New South Wales government officials fear that recent bushfires could have a serious impact on the mental health of residents of that state (22); but the Rural Fire Service is trying out a new fire truck designed to help deal with the threat (23); while a political candidate argued for renewable energy sources that will help reduce climate change, which is being blamed for the ferocity of recent bushfires (24). A Glen Iris, Western Australia, couple advised homeowners to prepare a bushfire action plan like the one that helped protect their home (25). The Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal has raised $4 million to assist with relief efforts in that bushfire-ravaged state (26); where hundreds of people and businesses have applied to the government for assistance (27). And finally, Australian firefighters from Cairns, Queensland, had to deal with a tricky situation Sunday night: thousands of angry bees released in a traffic accident!

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