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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today in the news, a small brushfire in San Diego County got some arson attention, while a tragedy unfolded up north where an S-61 helicopter ferrying a firefighter crew went down causing a number of firefighter fatalities. Colorado legislators are considering wildfire plans for the future as critics call air-tanker support into question in a recent Colorado wildfire. More lightning busts are on the minds of California fire managers, while a couple of fires in the Inyo National Forest are causing headaches for firefighters. For any of you who missed out on the LA Times series of articles on the wildfire business, a roundup of the article links is offered. Crews in Montana and Wyoming are making progress on wildfires burning there and merchants in the area around Mt. Shasta are counting their profits from firefighters who were based there for several weeks fighting fires. Tree rings give some idea of past fire activity, as outlined in the next article. A foursome of articles follows that relates wildfires on the international scene, leading off with two about wildfires in Spain, a proposal by Turkey for a Mediterranean air-tanker fleet, followed by one on fires in southern Asia.

Firefighters investigating Valley Center Road brush fires

9 believed dead, 4 injured in firefighter helicopter crash

Lawmakers Study Wildfire Threat, Resources

Some Question Time Of Air Support For Wildfire

Weather sparks new Calif. wildfire worries

Firefighters fight 2 fires in Inyo National Forest

A roundup of the California wildfires series

Crews gain ground on some fires

Wildfires a boon to South County

Tree rings tell story of Rincons

Spain sends troops to battle forest fire

Wildfires ravage northeastern Spain

Turkey proposes Mediterranean fleet to fight wildfires

Forest fires hit Sumatra, Java in Indonesia

And on the lighter side, forget the cat-in-a-tree rescue. How many firefighters have ever gotten to rescue a heron suspended in mid-air?

Firefighters Take to the Sky to Free Heron