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Monday, March 02, 2009


In wildfire news today, CAL FIRE Riverside firefighters to the rescue, as a hiker is transported out of the mountains on a litter; while Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation of Costa Mesa, California, has been providing Australian burn clinics with tissue to treat the many burn victims from the bushfires. Citing the success of San Diego's reverse-911 system in 2007, Central California administrators are seeking to implement something similar in their area; followed by a report on Global Warming that browbeats scientists and researchers over the lack of coherence on their work to date. Fire managers in Arizona are holding public meetings to discuss forest policy for the future; while the fires in Central Texas continue. Although much of the news is focused on the wildfires around Bastrop, a score of Texas counties reported wildfires; and the efforts of the Texas Forest Service are highlighted in the next article. West Virginia, which has already lost 800 acres in 100 fires since the beginning of the year, announced the advent of the spring fire season. Weather report from Florida: continued dry with high fire danger; and as if to underscore the report, this article about a fire in the Florida Keys appeared. Wildfires in Nepal, apparently set by poachers, claimed the lives of a family trapped by the fires; while several dozen firefighters departed for Australia to help swell the ranks of the thousands already in place. After concern over lack of fire shelters during recent bushfires, now there is concern over improper shelter construction or use; and the Australian government is considering tighter restrictions on fire codes for people living in the bush. The head of the Victoria bushfire relief program spoke out, following accusations of insufficient relief supplies to some areas devastated by bushfires; and an often-overlooked aspect of fundraising is addressed, as bushfire donations exceed $200 million, IT companies take a bow for keeping the websites operating. But the worst may be yet to come, as Melbourne suffers through the worst dry spell since record-keeping began in the 1850's, with firefighters bracing for more wind. And finally, keep an eye on that turnout gear, as a Madison, Wisconsin, firefighter found out the hard way!

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