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Friday, March 06, 2009


GUILTY! Raymond Lee Oyler is convicted of five counts of murder, along with numerous arson convictions for his part in starting the Esperanza Fire that claimed the lives of five federal firefighters. Many people, including California fire chiefs, are rethinking 'Stay and Defend' in light of the recent Australia bushfires. Over 200 firefighters have managed to nearly corral Arizona's first major wildfire of the season; while a wind-driven wildfire in New Mexico is about 60% contained. As part of their wildfire preparedness, Colorado's fire agencies are beefing up their aerial assets; followed by a summary of wildfire activity in Texas. Two articles out of Oklahoma today: their Emergency Services organization was activated, along with National Guard assets, to handle wildfires; while firefighters there barely managed to hold back a wildfire from houses in its path. A dozen small wind-driven wildfires kept things hopping in Ohio yesterday; but Kansas authorities are seeing the budgetary impact of wildfires in their state. Firefighters in Illinois had to deal with some wildfire activity. A wildfire in an upscale neighborhood on the island of Jamaica terrified homeowners; and fire agencies in Bhutan are recruiting volunteers to keep an eye on the local population in order to reduce forest fires there. In the wake of the Black Saturday bushfires, Australia's regulatory agencies are clamping down on fire codes; but once again a power company is called on the carpet about power lines starting a wildfire. And finally, a followup to yesterday's 'Fake Firefighters' story shows that no good deed goes unpunished!

Man guilty of murdering 5 in Calif. arson wildfire

Deadly Australian wildfires give state fire officials pause

Southeastern Arizona wildfire burns 16,000 acres

New Mexico grass fire grows to 8,500 acres

Fire Danger Prompts Aircraft Shift

West Texas residents evacuated as wildfires spread

State EOC activated as wildfires continue across state

Firefighters Save Edmond Homes From Wildfire

Grass fires keep local firefighters busy

Preventing Wildfires Now Important in Kansas, Too

Wildfires In Saline County

Bush fire gives Norbrook residents a scare

Reducing Forest Fires through Volunteerism

New bushfire building standard adopted

Western Australia bushfire at Bunker Bay Resort blamed on power lines

Firefighters "Hot" About Disguised Officers

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