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Friday, November 11, 2011


A new study from the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group indicated that deforestation and forest fires are reduced by up to 16% worldwide when local inhabitants continue living in protected areas (1). California Conservation Corps and US Forest Service crews were clearing vegetation to reduce the wildfire danger on Barona Mesa in San Diego County (2); while Congresswoman Lois Capps praised US Forest Service for appointing a full-time manager at the Santa Maria Air Attack Base in Santa Barbara County (3). Problems with Nevada Fire Safe Council paying off contractors are impacting the work of clearing defensible space in the Lake Tahoe area (4); but fire crews will conduct prescribed burns in New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest through today, weather permitting (5). In the aftermath of $250 million in real estate losses statewide, a Texas insurance company offers tips to homeowners on what to look for in regards to wildfire protection in an insurance policy (6); while a US Congressman has decided to drop his lawsuit against Billings, Montana, firefighters for their efforts battling a 2008 wildfire on his property (7). A burn ban was imposed on residents of Hawley, Pennsylvania, as wildfire conditions continue to be severe through the end of this month (8); even as firefighters lit a 259-acre controlled burn on the Appleton Farms property in Massachusetts (9). Using NASA satellite data, scientists at the University of California can accurately predict wildfire activity in South America's Amazon rainforest months in advance (10); while a five-year study of the area around Kathmandu, Nepal, being conducted by the World Wildlife Fund will examine how forest fires impact the local ecology (11). Updates to Australia's triple zero national emergency number are underway after discussions by government ministers (12); but Rural Fire Service crews were battling a 1,000-hectare wildfire burning in Jackadgery, one of three bushfires burning in New South Wales' Clarence Valley district (13). And finally, reseeding of over 2,500 acres burned by Montana's 2010 Stump Gulch Fire will help the bees and butterflies rehabilitate the area!

(1) Indigenous People Are Key to Conserving Forests: World Bank Study

(2) Veterans Clear Fire Break Near Country Estates as Part of CCC Crew

(3) Capps Applauds New U.S. Forest Service Contract for Santa Maria Air Tanker Base

(4) Fact Finder: Contractors Waiting For Grant Money

(5) Sombrero prescribed burn continues today through Friday

(6) More Than a Life Insurance Company: Gary Pollard Insurance Group Helps Local Residents Reevaluate Their Texas Home Insurance Needs

(7) Rehberg drops wildfire lawsuit against Billings

(8) Leaf burning banned; four acre brush fire noted

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(10) Ocean temperatures can predict severity of Amazon fires

(11) WWF Partners in New 5-Year Program to Help Restore Nepal’s Forests and Combat Climate Impacts

(12) Ministers agree to Triple 0 changes

(13) Firefighters confident of containing Clarence bushfire

(14) Wildfire restoration work aims to help bees, butterflies

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