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Monday, June 24, 2013


A brief summary of wildfire activity across Colorado and the West is provided by our first article today (1); while fire crews in Southern California brought a 3,825-acre wildfire in Riverside County to 95% containment (2). With some help from the DC-10, 650 firefighters brought containment on Arizona's 6,700-acre Doce Fire to 50% (3); the next article taking a look behind the scenes look at air-tanker reloading operations conducted at Prescott Municipal Airport, which has pumped 109,000 gallons of retardant since the Doce Fire began (4). The fire danger has prompted officials to temporarily close New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest (5). An update on wildfire activity in southwestern Colorado is provided by an NBC video segment (6); but evacuees from the town of Del Norte face a long evacuation as a 117 mi.² wildfire continues to burn in the Rio Grande National Forest (7); where beetle-ravaged forests are feeding the flames (8); but firefighters were using controlled burns to starve the East Peak Fire of fuel (9); the danger from smoldering ground reigniting as wildfires in the Black Forest burn area being explored by the next article (10); and an audio/video specialist for the Colorado Springs Fire Department is maintaining a busy schedule filming historic wildfires from the fireline (11). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Lasser, a former Lt. Colonel with the California National Guard, sent along a Defense Department article discussing activation of California Air National Guard’s 146th Airlift Wing, bringing the total of military C-130s fighting Colorado's wildfires to four (12); a Stars and Stripes article contrasting the rapid response by military firefighting aircraft this year to delays during last year's Waldo Canyon Fire (13); a former San Juan Hotshot providing a first-person perspective on what it's like to fight wildfires (14); the art and science of arson investigation being profiled by the next article (15); the one which follows providing a little background information on how a communications network established by homeowner associations helps keep Black Forest Fire survivors in touch with officials (16); the annual Tejon Street Bike Fest being used this year to help wildfire survivors (17); the Heroes Classic softball game being organized by celebrities and former pro baseball players to help raise funds for wildfire survivors (18); and people are being asked to open their homes to furry wildfire survivors (19); even as there were many happy reunions between animal owners and the pets and livestock they left behind (20). Although there are no major wildfires in New Hampshire at the moment, fire towers are fully staffed with spotters (21); but fire crews from across the US are flying into Alaska to help with over 70 wildfires, many of them lightning-sparked (22). Although a wildfire that destroyed five cabins near Moosehead Lake in Labrador, Canada, has been contained, the Trans-Labrador Highway remains closed to traffic (23); however, smoke from wildfires in Québec was sullying the air in Newfoundland over the weekend (24). Wildfire season is heating up in Europe, where wildfires were reported in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey (25). A lack of rainfall has elevated the wildfire danger on the Asian island of Borneo (26); and as air pollution in two southern Malaysian districts reached record levels due to Indonesian wildfires, a state of emergency was declared by the government (27); meanwhile, Indonesia is hoping that it can use artificially-created rainfall to help extinguish rampant wildfires on the island of Sumatra (28); but one Malaysian palm oil company denied that any of its plantations had started the wildfires (29). And finally, a Christian Science Monitor editorial discusses the power of prayer in the face of destructive wildfires!

(1) Colorado wildfire grows as blazes continue to threaten West

(2) Firefighters closer to controlling Hathaway Fire in Riverside County

(3) Doce wildfire 50% contained; evacuation orders lifted

(4) Tankers on Doce fire took on slurry at Prescott Fire Center

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(14) Former hotshot describes what it's like to fight a wildfire

(15) Investigators seek small clues to origins of big wildfires

(16) SIDE STREETS: Communication network for Black Forest fire victims had its start years ago

(17) Annual Bike Fest becomes perfect setting for Black Forest Fire aid

(18) Former baseball stars, celebrities team up to raise firefighting money in softball game

(19) Foster a furry friend from the Black Forest fire

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(26) Haze in Kuching moderate, no hot spots or bush fires

(27) Malaysia smog worst in 16 years due to Indonesia fires

(28) Indonesia to stop forest fire with water boom, artificial rain

(29) KL Kepong clears the air over forest fires in Riau

(30) Wildfires and the power of prayer

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