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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


First up in wildfire news today, subscriber Rick Halsey, director of the California Chaparral Institute, sent along a press release about the ongoing battle in San Diego County over unpaid fines for vegetation clearance that may result in an ex-Marine's eviction from his property (1); this at a time when firefighters practiced wildfire drills on the Viejas Indian Reservation (2); while the date for San Diego Gas & Electric to have their powerlines underground (2063) may get moved up due to some new developments (3). The Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council will be offering residents free consultation on how to make your property safer from wildfires (4); but the San Joaquin Valley still has seen high levels of pollution, in part due to wildfire smoke, causing the American Lung Association to give them a poor grade for air quality (5). CAL FIRE firefighters were busy training in the Santa Cruz Mountains to prepare for next month's advent of the wildfire season (6); and the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council will be holding a Wildfire Preparedness Expo on May 1 at the Boonville Fairgrounds (7). Despite the break up of a coalition attempting to plot a wildfire strategy for Northern California communities, the individual members agree they still need to put a wildfire protection plan into place (8). Landscape experts from Washington state are educating the public on the importance of landscaping defensible space instead of just leaving it bare (9); while a high school science team in New Mexico won a supercomputer challenge with a wildfire behavior model (10). Utah's Cedar City Fire Department did some wildfire training to prepare for the season (11); and the US Department of Agriculture is making emergency loans available for farmers in Texas who suffered losses due to wildfires (12). Firefighters in Minnesota are hoping for rain to help dampen the fire threat as well as refill the reservoirs (13); but a volunteer firefighter from Wisconsin has been charged with paying a youth to set grass fires so the firefighter could earn some money putting them out (14). Weather conditions are increasing the fire danger across parts of Connecticut tomorrow (15). The New Jersey Forest Resource Education Center, which touches on the topic of forest fires as part of its program, is highlighted in the next story (16); while the North Carolina Forest Service is warning homeowners that pine straw, a common ingredient in landscaping in some areas, poses a serious wildfire hazard as they have seen an above-average wildfire season this year (17). Firefighters in Florida are dealing with an abundance of fuel left behind by wintertime freezes that killed vegetation throughout the state, as the next article tells (18); followed by a story about the deadly danger to firefighters posed by on-the-job stress (19). The destruction of two dozen forests in the Himalayan nation of Nepal have cost millions of rupees in medicinal herbs (20); and wildfires in Vietnam's Tram Chim National Park are threatening an endangered species of crane as that nation sees 10 times the normal number of wildfires burning (21). A deputy fire chief from Sacramento, California, will be testifying before Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission on how wildfire evacuations are conducted in the US, including the massive evacuation done in San Diego County during the 2007 wildfires (22). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Colin Stewart of Thermo-Gel in Australia sent along an article that contains some sobering statistics on the makeup of the Black Saturday victims (23). Contradictions over expectations on the whereabouts of Police Commissioner Christine Nixon during Black Saturday have arisen as the investigation into events that day continues (24); and a man on trial for starting several bushfires in Gippsland just prior to Black Saturday will be appearing in court to answer the charges (25). An Australian utility will be using aircraft equipped with high resolution digital cameras, GPS equipment and computers to examine powerlines in New South Wales in order to reduce the bushfire danger from their equipment (26). And finally, in a look back at a bygone era, a story from 1914 shows the eclipse of the horse-drawn fire steamer by the newfangled firetruck in Auburn, Maine!

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