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Thursday, March 11, 2010


In wildfire news today, our first article revisits the issue of paying for California's wildfires with a property tax surcharge (1); but wiping out invasive species, some of which worsen the wildfire situation in Nevada, is going to take a lot of money, as the next article shows (2). Residents of Pueblo, Colorado, will be seeing a bit more smoke in the air as farmers and firefighters conduct controlled burns in the area (3). The Texas Forest Service is warning residents of continuing fire danger, despite the rain, in parts of that state (4); and fire officials in Oklahoma are passing that message along to their citizens as well (5). Montana has picked up the dubious honor of being the suing-ist state in the US in regards to blocking US Forest Service vegetation clearance projects, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) (6); however, Montana's Bitterroot National Forest has managed to schedule some controlled burns despite this obstacle (7). The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will be thinning vegetation in several areas across that state in order to reduce the wildfire danger (8); but an Op-Ed piece from Ohio blasts the state's Division of Forestry for what the author perceives to be excessive controlled burns in the Shawnee State Forest (9). Virtually every fire department in Cleburne County, Arkansas, had to battle blazes recently as conditions there continue to be ideal for wildfires (10); and no doubt due in part to this trend, volunteer firefighters got some hands-on experience reloading SEATs at a local airport (11). Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, are miffed at firefighters in South Carolina who lit a 2,000 acre blaze whose smoke was choking the city (12); but although Florida has enjoyed a lower-than-average wildfire season so far, fire officials worry that dry conditions and vegetation killed by cold snaps could change that (13). The fire chief of one British Columbia town is going door-to-door to discuss wildfire dangers with fellow Canadians (14); while at a conference in Paris, France, attended by dozens of nations, the French president lobbied for more funding to cut down on deforestation in poor countries, including deliberately-set wildfires in tropical rainforests (15). As if firefighters in Malaysia didn't already have enough problems with rampant bushfires, one company blocked firefighters from battling a blaze burning on their property! (16) Vietnam is still reporting fires, this time a flareup in the Mekong Delta that originally brewed up on Monday (17); and nearby Brunei continues to suffer through a fire season that has seen hundreds of acres scorched by wildfires (18). Australia and French New Caledonia have signed an agreement to aid each other in the event of natural disasters, such as bushfires, befalling either country (19). As the Australian Capital Territory trial about the 2003 bushfires continues, the next article provides personal testimony from survivors (20); while fire agencies from New South Wales are arguing that they did the best they could in battling the blazes (21). Residents of New South Wales are heaving a sigh of relief as early rains have diminished the bushfire threat, but firefighters are cautioning against becoming complacent (22). As bushfire donations dwindle, the Victorian government has revealed that bushfire relief concerts raised $1 million to help survivors (23); but one shire is considering tapping that state government for help in financing the $100,000 tab they expect to pay for bushfire preparation (24); and the government is expanding its Wildfire Management Overlay to cover more areas in danger from bushfires (25). And finally, for those concerned about air pollution from wildfire smoke, Intel has an iPhone application for you!

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