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Friday, September 16, 2011


US Forest Service reported 22 lightning-sparked wildfires in California's Shasta-Trinity National Forest (1); but although cooler weather is helping firefighters make gains on wildfires in Oregon, they're not out of the woods yet (2); while smoke from a wildfire burning near Vantage, Washington, caused a fatal car pile up on Interstate 90 (3). Arizona state legislators will be holding a hearing in Hereford on Saturday to discuss wildfires that burned through the state (4). Pitkin County, Colorado, is looking at wildfire as being the most serious threat to the community (5); while Rocky Mountain National Park is changing the rules of engagement for fighting wildfires (6). Utah Division of Forestry reported a 20-acre wildfire in Tooele County yesterday (7); and a 37-acre wildfire burning near Centerville is now 80% contained (8). The Texas Forest Service posted the latest information on wildfires in that state in the next article (9); where a new wildfire in Houston's George Bush Park burned between 20 and 30 acres yesterday (10); the following article providing a comprehensive list of out-of-state firefighters and equipment battling the Texas wildfires (11); the health problems faced by firefighters battling wildfires across Texas being examined by the next article (12). A wildfire that has burned 19,000 acres and nearly 100 homes in Texas' Tri-County area is finally contained, allowing evacuees to go home (13); but for some evacuees, the homecoming is bittersweet, as an NPR segment reveals (14); followed by four stories that chronicle the efforts of volunteer organizations to help out wildfire survivors: volunteers have organized the Just Between Friends Children's Consignment Event in Houston (15); injured pets are being treated for fire-related injuries (16); a church in Bastrop is also helping out wildfires survivors (17); and a food bank continues to provide provisions (18). School buses in Texas are having to pick up some students displaced by the wildfires from motels and other shelters (19); but in a sign that things are returning to normal, the Bastrop High School football team took the field last night (20); while on the technology front, WeatherBug is providing real-time weather tracking through its StreamerRT weather visualization tool to wildfire agencies across that state (21); where the impact of wildfires on water resources is examined in the next article (22). Firefighting helicopters battling wildfires in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest were grounded when an inversion layer trapped smoke close to the ground (23). Although wildfires burning in Minnesota's Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness have done a great deal of damage, the ecological benefits are deemed to outweigh the detriments (24); nevertheless, fire authorities have put fire restrictions in place (25). Arkansas Forestry Commission firefighters have been busy with numerous small fires as cool, dry winds sweep across the state (26). Some 500,000 trees will be planted in parts of British Columbia, Canada, devastated by three wildfires in 2010 (27); but a 100-hectare wildfire burning near Pelly Crossing, Yukon, continues to expand (28). Wildfire-scarred Swinley Forest in Berkshire, UK, will be replanting areas ravaged by wildfires a few months ago (29); while in Southern Europe, wildfires were reported in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria (30). A 33-hectare wildfire burning in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region continues to challenge firefighters due to the rugged terrain (31); and the thorny issue of preventing farmers in Indonesia from performing slash and burn agriculture (which produces lots of wildfire smoke) is examined by the next article (32). Heading to Australia, a permitted burn that got out of control in Central Queensland yesterday is one of several being investigated by Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (33); and firefighters fought a blaze outside of Townsville in the north as well (34). A man is being honored for his bravery for racing through a bushfire outside of Bathurst, New South Wales, to save his father nearly 2 years ago (35); while five Rural Fire Service volunteers helped clear out vegetation near Broken Hill in preparation for the bushfire season (36). And finally, officials in Victoria face a dilemma: if they execute plans to protect a historical building from bushfires they may cost it its historical designation!

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