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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Lots of stories today, both domestically and overseas, leading off with the tragic crash of a P-2 air-tanker while fighting wildfires in northern California, followed by a sobering article with some hard data on air-tanker crashes since 1991, including links to the NTSB reports on the crashes. On the positive side, cooler temps were helping firefighters to gain better control of Sierra wildfires, and weather also turned favorable for wildfires in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming as well (fall is in the air...) Firefighters made gains against other California wildfires in Lincoln and Yuba counties, while wildfires actually aided in identifying a section of the Oregon Trail. Next up, an article from logging interests fires a broadside at environmentalists, followed by a broadside from the environmentalists against the USFS on fire suppression costs. Santa Barbara County is racing to get flood control protection in burn areas before the rains arrive, and a wildfire that's scorched over 84 square miles on the Nevada-Idaho border is 40% contained, now. Switching overseas, the death toll from the wildfires in southern Africa has now climbed to 45 people, while some small wildfires were reported in the Maritime Alps. Lebanon is having its own problems with human-caused wildfires (principally farmers clearing land), while the Turks are experiencing problems with wildfire mis-management. Australia is having a wildfire conference (last day to attend is tomorrow, so you'd better hurry along those airline reservations!), and Canada is having a better-than-usual wildfire season, having saved nearly $50 million in suppression costs this year. Finally, another cautionary tale, this time about the perils of taking your PPE home with you.

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27 deaths in air tanker crashes since 1991

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Central Montana wildfire fully contained

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County Flood Preparation Work Begins Following Gap Fire

Nevada wilderness fire 40 percent contained

At least 45 now reported dead in southern African wildfires - Summary

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Conservation group highlights perils of land-clearance fires

Inadequate intervention, bad management in forest fires

International Bushfire Research Conference

Firefighting tab down $48 million

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