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Monday, November 07, 2011


Members of the Associated Oregon Loggers railed at perceived national forest mismanagement in Eastern Oregon (1); while residents of Bastrop County, Texas, have been advised that the FEMA disaster recovery center will be closing in less than two weeks (2). The difficulty of battling an underground wildfire burning in North Dakota's Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge is examined by the next article (3). Three wildfires continued to challenge firefighters in Missouri (4); fire crews from North Carolina arriving to help battle the 5,000-acre wildfire burning in the Mark Twain National Forest (5). A United Nations study showed that offering incentives to local inhabitants has reduced the number of deliberately-set wildfires in the Asia-Pacific region (6); something which could be useful on the Pacific island of Fiji, where rampant bushfires are impacting the livelihood of people who depend on natural resources (7). In Australia, four community councils will take part in a program designed to improve bushfire readiness around Victoria's Dandenong Ranges (8); while the issue of Community Fire Refuges is the focus of the next article (9); but two teenagers accused of starting one of the Black Saturday bushfires have been excused from prosecution due to mental incompetence (10). A tendency for people to dump rubbish (including pressurized cans) in New South Wales' north coast public forests is creating a hazard for firefighters attempting to conduct controlled burns (11); even as the Rural Fire Service Commissioner reminded homeowners living in bushfire areas to update their Bush Fire Survival Plan (12); something which was reinforced by Rural Fire Service South West Slopes Zone officials (13). Landholders in Western Australia appeared to be complacent about the bushfire danger, as evidenced by the fact that only 15 of the 100 landholders invited to a meeting showed up (14). And finally, firefighters in San Jose, California, had to perform a tricky extrication operation to save a cat trapped in a chimney!

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